Couples Time - 9-1-1 Season 7 Episode 5
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A man running a self-help seminar, Jerry, finds himself losing control of his hand and arm and smacks himself in the face.

The 118 are dispatched, and Hen diagnosis’ him with alien hand syndrome, and they believe he may have had a stroke. After he chokes Buck and hits Eddie in the groin, Chimney is able to sedate his arm so they can get him transported to the hospital.

Maddie, Chimney, Jee, Hen, and Karen gather at the Buckley-Han house as Hen and Karen prepare to adopt a little girl. While there, Dierdra calls them in to see her.

Dierdra tells Hen and Karen that the grandmother of the newborn baby they were to receive changed her mind. She then asks to consider taking in a 9-year-old orphan living in a group home.

Buck and Tommy go on their date to an Italian restaurant, and Tommy remarks that Buck looks tense. Tommy explains that he wasn’t always out but stopped lying when he moved to the Harbor. Buck tells him he isn’t lying and is an ally to the community.

The date is interrupted by Eddie and Marisol, who are also at the restaurant. It’s revealed Eddie has asked Marisol to move in.

Buck overcompensates upon seeing Eddie and makes it seem like he and Tommy are not on a date.

While the two were supposed to go to a movie after the date, Tommy tells Buck he doesn’t think he’s ready, and the two part ways.

Dierdra brings 9-year-old Maura to Hen and Karen’s, and while she doesn’t speak, she does take the stuffed animal Denny presents to her. Dierdra also tells them that she is attached to her blanket.

Buck tells Maddie that he’s upset he lied to Eddie at the restaurant and explains what happened. Maddie catches on to him using the pronoun him, and the two discuss him being into men. He explains to her that he’s not a fraud, and she tells him it’s okay to tell Eddie in his own time.

Eddie goes through Marisol’s boxes at his house and sees a picture of her in a nun uniform, and she explains that she was almost a nun but never took her vows.

Karen puts Maura to sleep in her room and notices that she ripped up the stuffed animal Denny gave her. In the middle of the night, Hen and Karen are awoken by Maura staring at them at the foot of their bed. She then screams.

Buck sees Eddie at the station, and Eddie explains he got in early to avoid not having sex with Marisol. He explains that he stopped practicing Catholicism, and now he has a sea of Catholic guilt lying dormant. He can’t look at Marisol without wanting to cross himself.

Buck tells Eddie to talk to Bobby since he’s a practicing Catholic.

Hen tells Bobby what’s been happening with Maura and that she’s still not speaking. She then receives a picture from Karen of Denny with a gash on his head.

Upon calling Karen, Hen discovers he was hit by a coffee mug Maura threw. Karen believes Maura became upset when he tried to move her blanket.

Eddie talks to Bobby, and Bobby wonders if his struggles with Marisol are really about him having second thoughts about asking her to move in.

Eddie explains to Bobby that he likes Marisol, and Bobby reminds him that when things got real with Ana, he started having panic attacks. Eddie then wonders if he’s a commitment phobe but realizes he doesn’t have trouble committing to certain things.

The 118 paramedics are called to the scene where a dog bit a fellow firefighter. The owner explains the dog was a rescue, and the firefighters were trying to get the dog out of the house.

When the dog is rescued, she appears to be dead, but Hen gives her chest compressions, and she survives.

Athena gets Hen Maura’s records, and they discover Maura’s birth parents were drug addicts who both overdosed. They then discover someone called 911 the night they died.

Hen and Karen go to dispatch, and Maddie gives them the audio of the 911 call. They hear Maura calling in, and they realize Maura was watching them sleep because she was afraid they wouldn’t wake up like her parents didn’t.

Eddie avoids Marisol by spending time at Buck’s and admits to Buck that he doesn’t want to break up with her. Buck then admits that he was on a date with Tommy. He also tells Eddie that Tommy dumped him, and Eddie tells him he should talk to him, just like he should talk to Marisol.

Marisol arrives back home to see Eddie there, and she tells him she didn’t tell him about being a nun because guys never look at her the same way. Eddie explains that he goes into things fast and lets his head catch up later. They agree to start over and take the time to get to know each other, with Marisol moving back out.

Karen gives Maura a monitor into Hen and Karen’s bedroom so she can see they’re safe at night. Maura then says goodnight, speaking to them for the first time.

Buck invites Tommy for coffee, and Buck apologizes. Tommy says he doesn’t want to pressure him, and Buck tells him that he doesn’t know what he’s ready for, but he’s ready for something, and that something could be him.

Buck then invites Tommy to be his date to the wedding, and he accepts.

Maddie prepares to get married as the guests wait anxiously outside the venue. She wonders about someone’s whereabouts, and Hen tells her that Buck’s car just pulled in.

Buck and Eddie arrive disheveled, and Maddie wonders where Chimney is, to which Buck says, “It’s complicated.”

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9-1-1 Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Buck: Okay, listen. This is my first date with a dude. But I’m not weirded out, you know? I mean, I’m an ally. Every pride month, I put a rainbow on my Instagram, you know!
Tommy: Oh, that’s good. I guess it’s just me that makes you nervous.

Jerry: It’s not me!
Eddie: It’s me!