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Let's set the scene to start this episode of 90210:

  • Naomi is excited about her trip to Las Vegas with her father;
  • Ty asks Annie out on a date;
  • Navid invites Dixon and the lacrosse team to a special viewing of the new James Bond movie at his dad's house;
  • Silver shows up to school late.

As excited as Annie and Dixon are for their plans, they're equally displeased when Harry and Debbie force them to cancel said plans in order to have a family bowling night at Lucky Strike Lanes. Dixon says they used to do it all the time in Witchita on Friday nights, causing us to wonder what sort of social life kids have in Kansas.

Meanwhile, as the Wilson children are learning about this unexpected family night, the show contrasts their close-knit unit with that of Silver: she's shown entering a woman's shelter and being turned down when asking to stay one more night.

Naomi can relate to a lame family. Her dad pulls up to school and tells his daughter that he has to work and cannot make the Vegas trip. But here's a shiny new car, honey! Naomi is left crying in the parking lot.

Annie and Dixon are too busy plotting to shed any tears: the former tells Ty to "accidentally" come by Lucky Strike at 8 that night, while Dixon tells Navid to bring a lot of people and do the same. The idea? To pressure the Wilson parents into letting their kids go have fun. The end result, we're guessing? Something entirely different.

Cut to a date between Kelly and Ryan: he asks about her son and we get the most definitive details yet that this is Dylan or Brandon's child. Kelly says she had a history in high school with Sammy's father, but they drifted apart, then hooked up four years ago (hello, Sammy!) and then the dad disappeared. Now, he wants back into his son's life.

Ryan is intrigued and so are we. But the couple is called for their table at dinner and the scene shifts back to the bowling alley.

Ethan, Navid and the boys have shown up and are now having a grand old time with the Wilsons. The crew totally breaks bowling etiquette - never bowl at the same time as the person in the lane next to you, people! - but has a blast, as Ethan asks Annie to "get some air" with him. This guy is smooth. As he and Annie bond, Ty walks up and Ethan heads backs inside.

Meanwhile, Naomi and Adrianna have headed over to Naomi's father's office, where the man is supposedly working. And he appears to be. Working IT, that is! Indeed, Mr. Clark is spotted making out with somone that is definitely not Mrs. Clark.

As a result, Naomi is quite bummed when she arrives at the bowling alley. Ethan comes out to comfort her, and Annie looks quite jealous at the sight of these two embracing again. She also misses out on her date, as Ty ditches her to see some band play a set. From there, Annie and Silver join the boys at the Bond movie.

After viewers watch Kelly and Ryan make out in his car, we return to see Dixon, Annie and Silver arrive back at the Wilsons. Debbie tells her children they still have chores, such as the dishes and trash (apparently the trash comes early Saturday mornings in Beverly Hills); and when Dixon goes outside with the garbage bags, he sees Silver asleep in her car. Call us paranoid, but we don't think she wants to go home.

Silver opens up to Dixon and, after learning that he also comes from a broken home, she tells her tale to the entire Wilson clan. Harry is understanding, of course, letting her stay there for as long as she wants to. The next day, he tells Kelly about the situation and she decides that it's time to confront her mother.

Also confronting her mother? Naomi, who cries to her mom that her father is cheating on her. But Mrs. Clark takes it like a champ. She says that the mistress' name is Gayle and she knows all about her. Mr. Clark and this home wrecker have been seeng each other for two years. Ah, so it's like a Bill and Hillary Clinton marriage.

We end the episode with Mrs. Taylor acting like the drunk that she is: she essentially throws Silver out, who goes to live with her sister. In a happier home, though, Dixon and Annie cook breakfast for their parents and we're reminded of how tight-knit a family this really is. Jokes are made. Eggs are passed around. Credits are rolled.







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