Kelly: I am not going to stand by and watch you do to her what you did to me!
Jackie: Because your life was so awful!

Mrs. Clark: We have a life together.
Naomi: Mom, what kind of life is this?

I didn't grow up in the Cosby family.


My mom, she drinks. And when she's like this, she's a completely different person.


Debbie: I thought we were cooler than our parents.
Harry: We're cool!

Naomi and Ethan. It's like they're addicted to each other.


I saw my dad kissing another woman.


I can't believe you don't think that's a big deal. You were at Chris Brown's birthday! He's such an amazing performer.


I'm gonna save most of that emotional goodness for when I audition for The Hills... I do think I could be the next Spencer.


Naomi: Babe, you sound pitchy.
Adrianna: You sound bitchy!

Dixon: You do not have your own bowling ball!
Navid: What? It was for my Bar Mitzvah.

My own dad is [cock] blocking me.


90210 Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

We are just gonna have to bring a little Kansas to Beverly Hills - and we are gonna have fun. Because it's all about family.


It's chic to look post-rehab, didn't you know?