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Adrianna grows closer with Javier as the pop star stays behind for her concert.  Navid works up the courage to tell Adrianna how he feels about her, and she clearly feels the same but is just waiting for him to tell her.  Until then, she has a lovely pop star.  At the end of the episode, Navid buys a thoughtful gift and leaves a letter for Adrianna to meet him on the roof, but it's too late... Javier invited her to join him in NYC.  Navid is stuck watching the two of them leave in his limo.

Jen puts a strict budget on Naomi and takes away her Benz, causing Naomi to have a breakdown and spend all of her time focusing on finding out Jen's secret and ignoring Liam's much more serious problems.  Liam ends up getting closer to Annie as they work on a project together.  In the end, Naomi finds out what Jen was hiding... she's pregnant.

Speaking of Annie, creepy Jasper returns and asks for forgiveness.  Annie grants it to him, but still won't be his friend, yet comes to his aid when some random kids are picking on him.

Teddy also spends the night with Silver, as Spence Montgomery's demands for a break up are not met.  However, after Teddy loses an important tennis match, the two break up and a drunk heart-broken Silver finds herself flirting with an old flame, Dixon.  Dixon, meanwhile, spent the episode earning enough money to buy a plane ticket to join Ivy in Australia.  However, Ivy freaks out when she sees Dixon selling his whole life to join her out there and they break up.  Soon Sixon finds themselves at Adrianna's concert, drunk and in a coat room where they make out.  In the end, after Ivy's mother's advice, she wants him to to Austrlia.  Will she find out about the kiss?

Meanwhile, Harry and Deb didn't see eye-to-eye on letting Dixon go to Australia, as Harry knew about Dixon's gambling problem and Deb did not.  Eventually Harry let's it slip within ear-shot of Deb and their already shaky marriage rattles a little more.

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90210 Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

You're on a diet consisting of low denominational greens. That's fives and tens, sister.


The only time I ever done it, I was going through a manic phase, so I feel like I'm a virgin again.