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On 90210 this week:

Navid and Dixon officially became partners in Shirazi Entertainment, although the balance of power was off-kilter, as Dixon ran into Snoop Dogg  at a car wash and brought some much needed business to the company.

Naomi tried to impress Max by dressing up in an Avatar costume, but didn't quite get the reaction she had expected.

Adrianna vowed to get revenge after learning the truth about Silver.

Annie and Liam worked together to expose Emily.

Raj confided in Ivy that he had leukemia and only a few short years of life left.

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90210 Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

You had a bad day. You almost put Emily through a vending machine.

Silver [to Annie]

Can't stop thinking of you. Get your sweet ass over here!

Navid [in text to Silver]