The New Normal - A Discovery of Witches
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Matthew is waiting for Diana outside of her apartment. She's off to the library, but with all the creatures at the ready, he'd like to take her out for the day instead.

Gillian says that Peter Knox accused Diana of using magic for her own gain. When she says that no matter how angry Diana is, she doesn't have to spend time with "that," Diana sighs and rejoins Matthew.

They're off for a trip to his house. Watching them drive only reminds me of how terribly poor we've done in the way of preserving history in the United States. Even the drive to his palacial estate is stunning.

He doesn't go home very often. Since humans tend to get suspicious if any one person resides in a house over the years. She asks a lot of questions, including his real name, which is de Clairmont. He's French.

Satu arrives at The Congregation where she meets a man who has been tasked, like the oldest male of every generation in his family, to watch over The Congregation.

He shows her the witch's archives. The way she looks around, it must be magical.

Diana flips through the books in Matthew's library, especially enjoying those he inherited from his brother. 

When he tries to spill wine on one of the books, she instinctively protects the book by way of magic. Matthew had surmised as much. She instinctively uses magic when she needs it, and she needed Ashmole 782 for her research. She assures him it's not that simple.

When he understands that something else must have linked her to the book, she looks at her palm, revealing the scar.

Emily is scrying for information. All she gets is that someone dark is lurking in the shadows near Diana. Sarah gets worried.

Matthew and Diana are walking through his property. Her parents died when she was young, so she doesn't have much memory of the times nor was she involved in magic.

They talk about how Diana was born to be a witch as she was born to have blonde hair. Matthew was born in 500, sired in 537.

A girl and her boyfriend have started something online wherein demons are sharing their experiences. They're talking about being born to humans and having no idea how it effects them.

The girl has a book on alchemy she's eager to show him.

Sarah calls Diana in a fright over the fact she's hanging with a vampire. She's just like everyone's mother when they date a bad boy. He could take her memories if he feeds on her. 

Matthew asked Marcus to keep an eye on her while he was away. It could have annoyed Diana, but instead she embraces it, asking Marcus to talk her through cooking dinner for Matthew.

Marcus has a deal for her. He'll help her if she give her bloods to them at the lab. They've identified four clans by way of witch's bloods. Doesn't she want to know which one she belongs to?

Satu is reading the file on Diana including parental statements about her abilities. She runs across a redacted document and frees the words just before a man barges in and grabs the paper. He wants to know about who Diana Bishop is.

Diana heads to the lab and offers her arm to Miriam. Matthew interrupts. If any vamp is getting her blood, it's him.

Dominco reports to the Congregation and to Gerbert D'Aurillac (who I ADORED in Waking the Dead, mind you!), and shares that Matthew is harassing a witch. Gerbert supposes someone is lying, but Dominico doesn't want to miss out on the opportunity if it does amount to something.

Gerbert goes into a back room, finds a box and opens it. A head with is wearing what appears to be a gladiator's mask. It begins to speak. "Beware the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf." A bit of online sleuthing reveals the head is Meridiana. 

Agatha Wilson arrives at the home of Sophie and Nat (her son). They're the couple from earlier in the hour. Sophie is expecting a baby. Nat is very upset that he has a day to close the chatroom. Daemons aren't good at doing things quietly. Nat, it appears, is a demon, as is his mother.

She is a part of the Congregation.

Sophie has a statue that has been in the family forever. Her dad said she was to hold onto it and give it to the person who needs it. Nobody knows when that might be.

Miriam is lurking around and frets over Matthew breaking the convenant rules by interspecies dating. He's unimpressed.

Diana is rushing aroundher home preparing for her dinner with Matthew which will include fresh berries when there is a knock at the door. she tidies in the mirror answers. It's Peter Knox.

He cannot believe that Diana seeks the company of a vampire over her kind. Matthew rushes to her side and it's sexy as hell.

Watching Matthew eat is ridicuslously sexy, as well. She prepared him a red deer, a young stag by the taste of it.

Diana finds it so exciting the things they can do. She wonders if he can fly. No, but they jump and run very fast making humans think they do.

He thought she knew about vampires, but is surprised by what she doesn't. They get into a discussion about his senses and what he can taste, smell, and feel. She kisses him, but he doesn't return the favor. He thanks her for dinner and leaves.

Gerbert sends Juliette to find Matthew with a far-too-sexual kiss for a man and woman who call each other father and daughter.

Diana is handling the bottle of wine the next morning, thinking about the night. Someone slips an envelope under her door. Diana looks at the contents and throws the papers as if they burn her skin.

Diana goes to see Gillian. She shows her the photos of her dead parents, sent by Knox. Diana demands to know where he is now. Gillian wants to talk again. 

Matthew arrives at Diana's house. When she doesn't answer, he enters, finding the photos on the table.

Diana arrives at the library in search of Ashmole 783. Sean wonders at all of the activity on the book that isn't there. He leaves Diana and she's then accosted by Knox and a whole plethora of creatures. Sean isn't pleased atwhat Knox does to Sean, and her powers are unleashed. It's very exciting.

As he begins an attack on Knox, Matthew feels her struggle and runs to her. Everyone tries to help Knox, but Matthew is in front of her reaching for her. Just breathe, Diana. I got you. You're safe.

Marcus helps Matthew with Diana and pleads with him not to start a war with Knox. Matthew has never felt so protective over anyone. Marcus suggests a couple destinations where they could hide, but Matthew wants to take her Sept-Tours as no witch would dare step onto vampire lands.

A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Diana: Were you an alchemist?
Matthew: No. I inherited those from my brother. He was fascinated by science with magic, magic with science. He never knew which way around it was.
Diana: I'm not sure either, to be honest. That's why I'm drawn to it.

Yes. We can be killed ... if you try hard enough.