A Daring Rescue - A Discovery of Witches
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Satu has Diana, and she's flying through the sky with her. WTF?

Gerbert is stockpiling a rom with implements for spying, and he's carrying the witch head in a box.

Satu delivers Diana to Gerbert. She doesn't like him touching Diana.

Gerbert says Matthew's weakness is women.

Satu closes off the decrepit castle so that Diana cannot get out and so nobody can interrupt them. She wants to know how powerful Diana is, and asks Diana to show her. 

She wants to help Diana control her power because she'll need it to protect herself from Matthew. Then Satu tells Diana about Gillian's death and who killed her.

Satu does a whammy on Diana who finally fights back. Satu is impressed. She wants to know what else Diana can do other than protecting her mind.

Gerbet is bothering the head again wondering about which witch has the blood of the lion and the wolf.

Diana is provoked by Satu about her parents and lashes out at her about witches killing them. Satu says they must have gotten killed because they were keeping secrets like Diana is now. She's going to do whatever it takes to get Diana's secrets.

Matthew wakes up looking for Diana. Nice underwear.

Satu beats a little drum asking for the elements to illuminate whatever is hidden. She lifts Diana right up into the air. She wants her secrets, dammit.

Diana begs to be left alone, but Satu just keeps pounding her into the mud. 

Meanwhile, Emily is shaking up some mojo backa t the house. She sees the light and the dark unfold before her with Diana in the air. She calls Sarah. Diana is in pain.

Diana is upside down now and Watu has put her in a ring of fire. She burns something right into her head. Diana screams so painfully that I actually cry about it. OMG.

Matthew feels something. Oh he's angry.

Baldwin arrives with a helicopter. Matthew tosses Baldwin around the room. What has the Congregation done with her??

Diana is still getting tortured, but Satu drops her in the circle and they pass out together.

Matthew wonders how Diana's scent just disappears mid lawn. A flying witch, Baldwin and Ysabeau suggest. It's the first time a witch has ever invaded De Clermont territory.

Back in the fire circle, Satu is dragging Diana around by her leg. 

Baldwin calls Peter Knox who lies about Satu's whereabouts. Satu meanwhile, drops Diana down into a well with a thud and a deafening scream.

Matthew is trying to put a search plan together. Marthe thinks she has to be close by because flying with another ain't easy. Baldwin wonders if Diana is really worth it, and that only angers Matthew.

Gerbert wants Diana out of the hole now. but Satu cannot do anything because her powers are gone. Whoopsie.

They've figured it out. It's Gerbert. Matthew thinks he'll destroy Diana to destroy him. Just then, Sarah and Emily call so they can, again, scream into the cell phone. They give Matthew some information before Ysabeau suggests Le Pierre, Gerberts castle in ruins.

Off in the helicopter they go.

Diana finally passed out from the pain. She awakes to blue light bathing her body. Someone wants her to wake up. It's her mother. And her father! She wants to hear only the good parts of the story, but they tell her they cannot skip the bad parts. Diana is going to learn to fly now.

Baldwin and Matthew have to jump from the helicopter since there isn't anyplace to land. 

Gerbert shows Satu his boxed Meridiana.

The vampire jump is so awesome.

Satu feels Meridiana's power. She wants her to help.

Diana is struggling with the door. Baldwin finds the hole. They don't know how to get her out. Diana needs to remember the story and fly. She's learning everything she gets through her dreams.

Diana's love for Matthew gives her wings. She flies out of the hole and to safety with Matthew and Baldwin.

Matthew wonders how it even happened. Diana reveals that Satu tried to rip her apart to see her power.She trusts Matthew so much it's beautiful. He treats her so kindly as he exposes her trauma. It's much like a rape kit at a hospital.

Satu branded Diana. He kisses her head before he showd her what is on her back. They could have used a second mirror. Diana is oddly pleased.

Gerbert is down in the ruins checking out the little drum Satu used and licks the blood off of it with a satisfied smile on his face. Freak.

Matthew and Diana snuggle up by the fire. 

Baldwin tosses around his weight as the head of the family. He's going to disown Matthew to get Diana to the Congregation. Matthew assures Baldwin it's no longer a family matter, and the Knights of Lazarus will protect her.

Baldwin can't believe Matthew is going to rally the fucking Knights to protect a witch!

But Matthew does it, and now Baldwin is under his command.

Baldwin will try to make punishing Satu the Congregation's priority.

Satu is crying at discovering who Meridiana is and promises to set her free. Merediana shares the warning with Satu. 

Nat and Sophie are with Agatha. It's time for Sophie to talk to Agatha about Diana. When Agatha says Diana is trouble, Sophie assures her she's IN trouble. She sees it in her dreams. 

She's born of a long line of witches, and if a witch is born of two demons, then she'll be everything the Congregation wants to destroy. Agatha assures her son and his wife that family comes first.

Satu releases Meridiana. Meridiana calls Satu Weaver.

Diana can't believe how much better she feels. She can even breathe better. Marthe starts to dance around the truth which is that they believe Diana had been spellbound.

Diana doesn't understand why. Only mad witches were ever spellbound.



A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Relax. We're both witches, Diana. I am not your enemy.


A witch in flight. I haven't seen that in many, many years.