It Begins With a Discovery of Witches
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Matthew, Diana, and their group are doing the Queen's business. They're almost turned away at the gate, but Matthew persists.

Matthew gives orders to find Gallowglass as they prepare to enter the Emperor's castle.

His Imperial Majesty grants them a brief audience. Matthew irks his majesty, but Diana wins him over with her name and interest in alchemy.

His majesty offers Diana his graciousness while asking that she tame her husband.

Diana greets Gallowglass warmly. He recognizes immediately that they've mated. Should he call her aunty now?

Jack is there, thrilling Diana to bits. Nightmares plagued Jack, so they went against Matthew's wishes to bring him to them. Matthew isn't pleased.

Gallowglass hasn't been able to find Kelly, but Matthew is sure that the Emporer won't leave behind the man who had promised him eternal life.

The Emporer sends Diana an automaton. The goddess of the hunt.

Matthew remains irked, and Diana plays with him about the emperor's affections. She'll take Gallowglass with her to the castle. There's a long line when they arrive.

Matthew figures that Kelly must have a laboratory somewhere.

Gallowglass warns Diana about Matthew's blood rage. Now that they've mated, if provoked, Matthew will struggle to contain himself.

Gallowglass has enough of the line and shakes things up.

A man named Benjamin greets Diana. He's a collector for the Emporer. Cast out of his own clan, he always preferred other types of creatures.

Matthew nears the laboratory, forcing his way inside.

The audience with his imperial majesty is over for the day because Gallowglass finagled their way inside by suggesting they had a valuable painting inside.

The Emporer is excited to see Diana and about the painting. She has instead a book that he says has no meaning. Diana begs to differ. He wonders if she is interested in the uncanny arts.

Matthew thanks Pierre for helping him so far. They'll visit with Tolbert and his guest tonight.

The Emporer takes the book to the rabbi for insight. Emporer shows her a drinking vessel carved from the horn of a unicorn.

Diana mentions the philosopher's stone, but the emperor doesn't bite.

Matthew and Pierre find Edward Kelly, who they discover is a prisoner. Kelly is offended and claims he hasn't stolen a book. Kelly is adamant that the book screams to him, so it is his. The ramblings of a madman still take Matthew by surprise.

Matthew wants Diana to be careful, but she heeds no warning.

Diana and Matthew get an invitation from the Emporer. Diana just needs to convince Rudolph to show her the book. It's not a matter of trust, Matthew says, but Diana doesn't know why he won't let her try. Gallowglass interrupts. He has a plan. If they both go to the hunt, then Gallowglass can have a look around.

Birds are chosen, with Rudolph taking Artemis because of its connection to Diana, although he pretends that's not his reasoning.

Diana tells Matthew to play nice.

Gallowglass does some exploring and finds something that disturbs him.

Rudolph is pleased with his skills. He continues plucking away at Diana and her relationship with Matthew so that Matthew frees his bird which doesn't hunt the other bird but Artemis, instead. It's fucking cruel on every level, that damn hunt.

Rudolph is beyond angry, forcing them from his lands.

Gallowglass reveals what he found. The severed hand of a witch. It was with other bits of creatures that he keeps as souvenirs. Matthew's had enough. They leave tonight, book be damned.

Matthew cannot help himself, and he shows bits of what that could be as Diana reaches for him. She warns him off.

Gallowglass has news and an apology from Rudolph. Matthew responds that it's very likely they'll be leaving in a hurry.

Rudolph gives Diana a medicinal, and she takes it willingly.

Diana doesn't read the room well when Rudolph speaks of serpents and poison tongues. He speaks of liars and his generosity taken for granted as he has Rabbi Lowe brought into the room.

More happens as the Emporer becomes enamored with Diana, taking her to Kelly and the book. Diana's magic works on it immediately. Rudolph wants to keep Diana in exchange for Kelly, who he no longer needs.

Kelly grabs for the book and starts tearing out pages. Diana is incensed! She socks him one and grabs the book while Matthew snaps necks.

They get away with the book, which Matthew realizes is created from creatures.

The man who introduced himself to Diana as Benjamin enters the room.


A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Messenger: For the goddess.
Gallowglass: Goddess? I assume that's not you, Matthew?

Matthew: I didn't like the way he looked at you like a jewel he wanted to add to his collection.
Diana: Oh, I can handle a little clumsy flirting if it gets us closer to the book.