High Magic - A Discovery of Witches
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Diana has been trying to read the Book of Life, but it's resisting her, and Matthew notes it's making her ill.

Gerbert and Knox chit-chat about what they learned about the book. Kelley claimed to have bequeathed a single page to each of the three species. But how did Diana Bishop manage it?

Emily seems obsessed with learning the secrets from the page she has in her hands, and Gerbert said he wants to try to get it.

Marcus is fussing with his hair and clothes as his appointment to lead the Knights eats away at him.

He's been avoiding Miriam because of what he learned about the blood rage, wondering why Matthew didn't just kill him.

Miriam and Marcus have been friends for over 200 years, but she's not family. It wasn't her secret to tell.

But now he's realized what's important, and it's his human life, not anything that's expected of him.

Matthew visits Phoebe, who is aggravated that he's there. He returns her scarf and tells her he was being truthful. He shows her the Knights of Lazarus medal and reveals he's grand master. She says she's Princess Leia. He leaves the medallion with her for analysis.

Marcus has all the time in the world to wait for her to come around, but Marcus doesn't want to wait.

Emily is trying the spell again to reach Rebecca. Emily wants to know how the book is connected to Diana, but Rebecca disappears before she answers. Sarah is totally freaked out that Emily is messing with higher magic. She's already tried to pull Emily out of it, but Emily hasn't been listening.

Sarah points out that magic is using Emily and giving her what she wants to see so that it can come through.

Gerbert threatens Ysabeau with a Big Bad Wolf scenario, but Ysabeau reminds him who he's threatening. Ysabeau takes wine to Emily. Never sleep on an argument.

Sophie gives birth well before her due date. As they take the baby from her, she worries that the baby isn't OK, but she's perfect.

As Phoebe has the medallion inspected, she researches the Knights, coming across the paintings that originally brought Marcus and Phoebe together. While down there, Domenico pays her a visit. At first, she thinks he's a cop but realizes he isn't, and when he questions the medallion, Phoebe is clear on Marcus.

Emily and Sarah call a truce.

Miriam visits the hospital room, teeming with visitors. They've decided to name their daughter Margaret.

Miriam can hear the baby's blood. It's singing, confirming she's a witch. Marcus wants them to move to Sept Tours for a while.

Once upon a time, Sarah wanted so badly to engage in higher magic with Emily and Rebecca. She resented it since it kept her apart from Rebecca.

Sarah suggests a jailbreak tonight to find out more about the page. Emily is totally on board. If she can just harness the power of the location and the page, she knows she can help.

Marcus tells Phoebe everything. He's so thrilled, and she's accepting his explanation.

She's absorbing it well, mystified with everything. Marcus says his heart beats slower and a lot stronger.

Marcus admits that they try not to feed on people anymore when she asks. Do they drink blood straight from the bag? No, from a mug! They're not heathens.

A long time ago, creatures were 50% of the population, and everyone intermingled. But while technologically, humans are moving fast, socially, they're moving backward.

He explains it's hard to outlive their human counterparts, but the creatures move on and create new identities all the time. After making love, she sends him to get salted caramel ice cream, which he does in under 60 seconds. She's thrilled.

It's a shame they don't wear capes because she likes a cape.

Phoebe is impressed that Marcus is in charge of the Knights, but he says he's giving it up. She thinks everything he has said is amazing, but he wants to turn his back on it.

She doesn't buy it. He chose to be a doctor to help humans, so there's no way he can turn his back on his own people. He was born during the Revolution, so she thinks he should use his position to revolutionize everything for future generations.

Baldwin doesn't take that well. But Marcus wants his help to protect Margaret and the family so that they can raise their child in peace. Baldwin tries to use blood rage against Marcus, but it doesn't work. Marcus gets the last word.

Domenico wants to increase his price for finding the killer. As they're talking, Marcus walks through the background.

Gerbert wonders why Marcus was here. Baldwin calls it a family matter. But instead of tossing Marcus to the wolves for his blood rage, Baldwin gives up Margaret.

Domenico promises to make a deal with Marcus once he identifies the killer.

Knox takes a special rock with him to get Margaret, but Agatha stumbles upon him. She threatens him when he says that a witch will be raised by witches.

Emily and Sarah are on location and begin a spell to understand the page. Sarah is shocked to hell to see Rebecca and lunges toward her, ruining the moment.

Diana dreams of a tree that feels like the tree of death. She doesn't think everything is alright.

A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Marcus: Sorry, but I'm keeping it. I'll be using the Knights to make positive change for all creatures.
Baldwin: The Knights of Lazarus were formed to protect the de Clermont interests. It's not a charity.

Matthew: Well then why didn't he just kill me?
Miriam: He failed to follow orders? You should know by now, with Matthew, actions speak louder than words.