Coming Ashore - A Discovery of Witches
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Diana, Matthew, and Gallowglass arrive on the shores of France. Once there, horses arrive from Philippe's men. Gallowglass' friendship with Diana is flourishing, and he trusts her to protect Matthew in Philippe's presence.

In London, Kit is very anxious. He's easily triggered, forcing an apology when he acts inappropriately.

Louisa is eating a fellow when Kit stumbles out of the tavern. She wonders where Matthew might be and why Kit isn't with him. Aren't they joined at the hip? It seems like Kit will be flapping his lips.

Diana hoped to see Ysabeau in these times, but Matthew says that she's not around, instead presiding over the witch trials. Diana wonders at how much Ysabeau has changed in 400 years.

Without Matthew as a chaperone, Luisa hopes to take advantage of Kit. When he rebukes her, she wonders if Matthew knows how Kit feels about him.

Matthew and Diana discuss Philippe and his political beliefs before they get there. The guards are a reminder from Philippe that the closer Matthew gets, the less freedom he has.

Luisa toys with Kit, giggling with delight. They're out past curfew, shooting guns for fun when a man calls her a whore, and she shoots him, showing her displeasure.

Diana is already getting tired, but Matthew understands. It's hard enough without riding side-saddle. Before leaving to assure her breakfast, Matthew tells Diana one more thing. I love you entirely.

Soldiers were seen nearby, and in their travels, they pass an estate that has been burned to the ground, throwing Diana, who wants desperately to help.

Dian is falling asleep on her horse, the rain pelting her face. She falls from the horse, and Matthew scoops her up and they share a ride.

When Pierre shows his concern for Diana, she's annoyed. She gets it. No one can hide their concern from Philippe. No one. But she'll be damned if she'll allow Matthew's stepfather to get between them. Philippe assures her that he just wants her strong for the visit so that she can be his guiding light.

That night, though exhausted, she's not so tired she doesn't desperately want Matthew, but he turns her away. Not yet. He's forgiven in the morning when she gets a pair of britches to make the journey more palatable.

They arrive, and she's worried about how Matthew will take seeing Philippe again. Matthew is concerned, as well.

It's a bustle of activity when they arrive. Matthew takes Diana's hand and enters Sept Tour. They remark how much has changed since they were last there.

Matthew stands before his father, asked to explain himself, but he cannot speak. For Philippe, nothing has changed, for Matthew, a lot of time has passed.

Diana goes toe-to-toe with Philippe. Philippe knows immediately that Matthew is not the Matthew he knows. They time walked. Diana explains why they are there. She offers clarity in terms of her love for Matthew and back. Philippe scoffs. If the relationship truly meant something to him, he would have consummated it by now.

Diana is furious. She demands to know why he's holding back. Matthew says it's complicated, but Diana wonders why Philippe doesn't think so. Maybe you should bed him, Matthew spits at her before she throws him out of the room.

He seethes outside of the door before demanding to know what the hell he was thinking. Unwelcome, but necessary, Philippe says. Matthew is lying by omission, Philippe says.

Philippe also sees easily that there is a schism between them in the future, but Matthew begs him not to go there.

Philippe will let it go only if Matthew promises to feed in the morning. Matthew can't help but smile at the way his dad shows his feelings.

Matthew does as promised the next morning.

Diana is brutally awakened with the curtain's being drawn as she rebuffs the help. She's not ready to get dressed and will do it herself. She's excused. But it doesn't work that way.

Philippe greets Diana commenting on the adequate but empty bed she slept in. Your home, your rules, she says when he apologizes for not allowing her to share a bed with Matthew.

Phillipe then gives her the keys to the castle, quite literally. In Ysabeau's absence, that means she's the highest-ranking woman, and she'll take charge of the domestic matters, she thinks. He hoped it would be a gesture of respect, leading them to discuss books.

Philippe leaves Diana to peruse his bookshelves.

Matthew is hunting, a grin on his face. Spying a buck, his nose twitches. He's off.

A witch arrives to speak with Philippe.

Diana takes Ysabeau's ring from her satchel, putting it on just as Philippe and the witch arrive in her chambers. It's Andrew Champier, wearing a sweater and feminine medallion.

The dude says he was summoned here. Philippe has set her up under the guise of a lost memory. He senses that someone has been feeding on Diana. He calls her a traitor and secret keeper.

Just as he begins to remove her memories, Matthew arrives home to her screams. When he enters the room, she reaches for his dagger from across the room, it flies into her hands, and she guts the man where he stands.


A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

One more thing; I love you entirely.


Louisa: Tell me. Am I better company than my brother?
Kit: Infinitely.