Ysabeau Shares the Truth - A Discovery of Witches
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We're in modern day Oxford, England. It's good to be back, if only for a visit.

Some kid is trapped between two buildings with a vampire nearby. Oops. He's no longer trapped because he was killed. It sure looks like blood rage to me. Yep. Domenico got the call. It's happened again. Really, though, he shouldn't look so damned pleased.

Marcus is interested in an auction lot. He meets a young woman named Phoebe Taylor. She recognizes his extraordinarily cold handshake.

He's interested in Lot 42. He wants to buy it outright, offering $200k on a lot valued at 88k. Phoebe doesn't have good news for him, but if it was up to her, she'd take it. They're getting along very well. Flirty, even.

She shows him Lot 42. It's the portraits of Matthew and Diana.

Ysabeau presents Emily and Sarah with a photo of the portraits. They're thrilled.

Marcus gets the Lot for $94k. He wants them right now, but the items have to head to the vault. Since they met, she's investigated The Order, and he smiles.

Gerbert and Knox chit chat about the Book of Life and how Matthew and Diana are so far ahead of them.

Gerbert shares with Knox everything he knows about the Book of Life.

Marcus offers protection for Sophie's baby if she's born a witch. Miriam calls Marcus in because the baby has a slight arrythmia. This sets everyone on high alert. A hospital birth was never part of the plan. Marcus thinks it's a risk worth taking.

Domenico confirms the blood rage and sets about finding the killer.

It doesn't take him long to hear the rapid heartbeat of his prey.

Lot 42 has been stolen. Nothing else was missing, and the security guard has vanished. This is not good news.

Sarah, Emily, and Ysabeau are outside the chateau when Gerbert texts Ysabeau. She wonders if he has eyes on the place. They can't go outside anymore. Sarah is highly annoyed, but not so much that she wants Emily messing in higher magic. When she realizes tha Emily has already done that, she panics. She asks Emily to swear, but Emily doesn't seem to be taking it seriously.

Marcus asks Phoebe to dinner. Domenico is watching them from across the street.

At dinner, they discuss the origin of the portraits. Marcus admits he's a revolutionary, sharing his love of history with Phoebe, even though they so often get it wrong.

Domenico shows up, sniffs Marcus, and wonders if he knows what's happening in the city. Marcus thinks it's nuts. Blood rage was eradicated years ago.

More killings might expose them to humans.

Domenico doesn't admit to taking the portraits, but he seems to have taken care of the guard. Domenico calls Gerbert. He needs to know if anything was stolen from the auction house.

Phoebe says the police think the theft is an inside job. She probes Marcus, but he's suddenly cold ice on the conversation.

Phoebe and Marcus kiss before she gets a cab.

Sophie and Nathanial have decided on a hospital birth, but they're worried about it. What are they bringing the child into with all this congregation stuff?

Marcus has faith in the Knights. Nathanial thinks they need a rebrand because he hasn't seen their influence in a very long time.

Phoeby calls Marcus. She hates mysteries. They get a drink, and she wonders why he doens't have any social media presense. is he even a doctor? She thinks he's hiding something, perhaps a secret identity. Is he a superhero?

Ysabeau and Gerbert meet in the middle of the property. Fraternizing with other species breaks the covenant rules. He drops the news that a blood-rage ravaged vampire is killing humans, and he thinks it's her family. He wants her to side with him so that he can keep any investigation away from her family. She turns her back on him and closes the door.

Emily is sneaking around the chateau and practicing the dark arts. She takes pains to close the path to evil, but it's never that simple, is it? She gets Rebecca again. Rebecca calls her name, but disappears before she learns anything.

Emily climbs into bed, but something spooks her.

Phoebe, too, is spooked. Getting a midnight snack from Marcus' fridge is a lot different than she expected.

She begins to investigate around the house to see if she can figure anything out about the mysterious Marcus. She finds a box, takes it to the beautiful table, and looks inside. There are photos of marcus from all different time periods. It's not Marcus who finds her, but Sophie. Marcus arrives a minute later. Phoebe deals with con artists all the time. Why do all of his relatives look the same? Why is there blood in his refrigerator? Marcus asks her to take a walk.

Marcus tells her everything, but Phoebe doesn't believe him.

Baldwin visits Marcus with the local paper filled with a Ripper headline. Baldwin taunts Marcus with the pressure of the Knights, but Marcus will not give Baldwin the reins.

Domenico lies to Gerbert that he has no leads, but he has the police report with Diana and Matthew's portraits right in front of him.

Marcus admits what he told Phoebe and faces Ysabeau's wrath. They discuss his position as Grand Master and understanding what came before to understand how to move forward.

She also reveals that the Knights were created to protect Ysabeau because blood rage is in her bloodline. She's asymptomatic, but others weren't so fortunate. Matthew is fully effected, and that means Marcus is a carrier. That's why the children he sired were culled. He passed on the disease, and under Philippe's orders, he had to wipe them out. This devastates Marcus. Matthew didn't protect him from the truth in his mind. And if Gerbert links the murders to their family, then they'll all be killed.

A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Phoebe: So, is there anything else i can help you with?
Marcus: You can come to dinner.
Phoebe: I don't even know you.
Marcus: Come on. I don't bite.

Marcus: If the baby does turn out to be a witch, you're going to need protection from the Congregation.
Nathanial: Screw the Congregation. Aren't we breaking the covenant already by living with a vampire?
Agatha: Daemons giving birth to witches would be unheard of. Sophie's birth may have gone unnoticed, but the granddaughter of a Congregation member would not.