Someone is Afoot - A Discovery of Witches
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Oxford. Domenico is checking out a dead body.

Father Hubbard is upset with Matthew, who says he was working on behalf of Cecil to ensure that his judgment is carried out without Tom suffering undo pain.

Father Hubbard considers Matthew's plea for forgiveness.

Diana is laughing while Jack slurps his dinner hungrily. She receives a message from the Countess of Pembroke.

Mary suggests that the Queen's astrologer might be able to help Diana find the alchemical book.

She and Matthew meet with him shortly thereafter. She's thrilled with his collection.

Doctor D's scribe helps Diana. She asks to see the book that Doctor D received from someone. He thinks the book she likely seeks is missing. It contained mysteries.

They make a deal with him. How about if they take the book he has in hand so they can return the other book to him later? It works.

Diana hears Jack crying, but she arrives to find Matthew soothing Jack's nightmares, telling the boy that as a part of their family, Jack is safe from monsters there.

Matthew is frustrated that he cannot just get the book. They talk about being parents.

Diana visits Goody Alsop and the coven for more training. No men allowed.

They work with Diana to help her hone her witches sight. Diana is overcome with the elemental threads because she can see each equally. They taunt her and slip from her grasp. Diana is frustrated and feels less than. Goody has a sly smile on her face, though.

Matthew visits Kit to find out what he knows about bohemia. Cecil knows that Matthew is not himself, but he hasn't sussed out why yet.

Goody tells Diana that she's special because she has all of the elements within her. No wonder you're so much trouble, Goody says.

Diana wishes she could tell Sarah and Emily that she's safe. But Emily is whipping up a spell as we speak.

She's closing a path to evil. She tries to reach Rebecca but is frightened by what she sees.

Lord Burghley wants to know why they are keeping their marriage separate. The Queen expects them both at Whitehall tomorrow.

Diana is flustered, but Matthew feels OK about it.

Matthew confronts Kit. He cannot believe the lengths Kit will go to drive them apart. But it wasn't Kit who betrayed Matthew, and he wants Burghley to tell Matthew that. But he won't because it should have been him.

Mary arrives to help Diana prepare for the meeting with the Queen.

She wants to speak with Matthew and Diana alone. She quizzes them both about their loyalty. Diana assures her that she will compel Matthew to obey only the Queen. They will not betray the Queen. They are interested in Edward Kelly for a book he has in his possession that is not related to the philosopher's stone, but Matthew will help her in her search for it so that she can achieve everlasting life.

The Queen will then forgive their latest mistakes.

Matthew doesn't want Diana to accompany him. She will not remain behind, but he still wishes she would so that she can focus on her magic to get them home.

Diana's next lesson weaving the threads goes much better. But I wonder how she knows what she's doing. She binds all of the elements together for a magical experience. Tears stream down her face. She created a spell that was a bridge between worlds.

In time, her familiar will be revealed. She wants to learn it all now! But she must learn patience.

Susanna talks with Diana after her lesson. All aspects of her life will control her magic, so she needs peace to fully control her magic.

They are chatting when Matthew hears a sound. He grabs a knife and prepares to use it, but it's just Gallowglass. This is their thing. They laugh happily.

Gallowglass has a message from Philippe.

Philippe has commanded that Matthew return to Sept Tour with Diana. Matthew struggles imagining seeing his father again. It's amazing merely seeing his handwriting and his coin-made wax seal.

Matthew is worried he will be dragging Diana through a war to get to France. But she's certain she can make the journey. Every moment for the rest of his life, he will be choosing her.

Diana assures Goody that her magic will improve if she follows her heart and her intuition. Goody worries, though, that she's setting a new course, and she doesn't know where it will lead.

They say goodbye to Jack, hoping he'll keep an eye on Francoise while they're gone. She has something very special for him. It's two small paintings that they had painted of themselves just for Jack.

Gallowglass wants Diana to be Matthew's anchor at Sept Tour; otherwise, Matthew may lose himself.


Domenico is boating somewhere. He has news for Gerbert about the body. It suggests blood rage, and they think this is the way to bring down Matthew Clairmont and the de Clermont family.

Domenico wants Venice back. He wants to establish its former glory. In return, he'll give Gerbert the means to destroy the de Clermonts.

A Discovery of Witches
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A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Goody: Regard the room with your witch's sight and tell me what you see.
Diana: Threads of light.
Goody: That is the warp and weft of all life in the cosmos made visible.

Diana: Is Jack OK?
Matthew: I believe so. I dread to think what that poor boy's been through.
Diana: You're so good with him.
Matthew: I'm woefully out of practice.
Diana: We've hardly had a chance to adapt to being parents.
Matthew: I'm only doing what I must to keep us safe.