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Gina visits Rome and work while he's working on a commercial and is upset when she realizes he used their conversation about having children in the car commercial.

Thry celebrate the anniversary of his parents' marriage. Walter and Renee have an argument. She gets upset when he isn't happy about the cruise.he got her for their anniversary.Rome and Regina try to get them to make up. Walter shows up to make things right wearing his uniform.

Gary talks to Maggie because he feels like she's pulling away. She doesn't want to go to support group with him. He talks about it with the group. Maggie does to visit Eric instead.

They talk about his late fiancee. She considers playing the piano again. Eric tells her about an amateur night. When Gary tries to track down Maggie, she's not at the club where Eric is. Maggie is in her old apartment playing the piano by herself.

Delilah takes a picture of the baby for her baby announcement. Sophie doesnt.like that it's just the baby. She wants to follow tradition of a family picture. Danny is reluctant and doesn't want to take it. Delilah calls the family photographer and has to tell her about Jon. He squeezes them in. Sophie gets upset when Danny refuses to take it which prompts Delilah to talk to them.

They decide to do a group photo with the entire gang including Katherine.

Eddie sees Katherine's search history. She was looking up houses in Austin.

.Wjen he asks her about it, she says she wants to move fo escape everyone knowing everything about them, but she knows they can't because he has to be there for Charlie.

He takes her house hunting and they role play. They fool around in the closet and have a good day. Eddie tells her he loves her at the end of the night and they go to separate rooms.

A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Is that the actress playing the character who is loosely based on Regina because if Regina commits a crime, that woman gets stopped for questioning.


Theo: See, this book is full of lies. I don't know what to believe anymore.
Eddie: Yeah, neither do I.