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Delilah tries to sleep train Charlie. Charlie cries through the night.

Rome and Gina try to make a video introducing themselves for the adoption agency. 

Sophie living with them has made things interesting. She asks to have company over to help her study. 

   Gary is still having one night stands..

Maggie writes a paper about surviving life after loss. 

Eddie is  meeting up with his old label company and talks to a young artist. The agent blows him off.

Gary's phone died. He goes to a cafe in search of a charger. But he has to buy something. Eric appears to spot him a few bucks. He tells gary he's sorry about what happened with Maggie. 

He says he hopes be didn't have anything to do with their split. Gary jokes that he split up Maggie and her mother instead..then he notices that Eric's second coffee order is the same as Maggie's. 

   The principal calls Katherine. Theo was in a fight. 

Her and Eddie meet and assume Theo is being bullied but he started it. 

   Delilah and Maggie talk about Maggie kissing Eric and her feelings about Gary. 

Sophie got drunk with her friend when she claimed she was studying. They tell Delilah.

She wants to go see Sophie but Gina stops her.

Theo won't tell them why he pushed his friend.

Gary goes to the music story to confront Eric after he finds out via research that Eric has been lying. 

There is a wrongful death suit that chloe's family filed against Eric. Eric goads gary. Gary grabs him and they tussle before Eric's employee Max comes out. He's who the drink was for. Gary leaves. 

Trevor from the music company wants Eddie to help them with Dakota. Eddie is bummed that this is what they want him for. 

   Everyone goes to Sophie's game. Rome films sophie. 

Gary talks about Maggie and from Delilah's face figured out something happened between maggie and Eric.

A father assumes Rome is a creep and angrily confronts him about being there when he doesnf belong. Gary overhears and punches the guy.  

   Rome and Gary are arrested. Rome is upset that Gary escalated the situation.  

   Maggie spends time with theo to get to the bottom of what is happening with him. 

   While in the cop car, rome explains what it's like being profiled and that even though Gary is half Mexican, he doesn't share the same experiences because he passes as a white person.

He explains why Gary's actions didn't do him any favors because he was raised to walk a fine line to avoid situations like that.

They release Rome but keep Gary. 

Gary calls Katherine to get him out of jail. She comes but so does Maggie. She tells him she's worried about him, and he is rude to her.

Katherine calls him out on it and not being able to take care of himself. 

Katherine and Eddie talk to Theo about Eddie's new job.

Jasmine P.

A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Dakota: So you're a musician too?
Eddie: You ever hear of The Red Ferns?
Dakota: No.
Eddie: OK, so that makes you --
Dakota: Cool?
Eddie: I was going to say young.

Good, you're awake. There's your pants. There's your phone. There's the door.