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  • Everyone is waiting for information on Gary as they wait at the hospital and joke about how everyone has been there.
  • Doctor says they got all the mast out but won't learn if he's cancer free until days later.
  • Gary's roommate Harrison assumes he's Cam when Maggie comes in
  • They have to wait until the next day for pathology reports
  • Eddie is at his meeting and he gets his first year chip. He talks about Anna and they remind him how he should've waited the year before he started dating but he talks about how slow they had to take things
  • Gina feels torn between her parents and is upset that her father is still blaming her mother.
  • Everyone gears up for a game night to distract Gary from what's going on.
  • Eddie and Katherine give each other a heads up that they're  bringing their spouses to dinner tonight and they're both happy for each other.
  • Eddie and Greta joke well and are really similar which is hilarious
  • Danny is still there and plans date night with Milo while they're away.
  • Gary expresses how he hates that they'r in this posotion again.
  • Everyone is excited and happy for Katherine and love Greta.
  • Anna starts feeling insecure and out of place with the friends and with Katherine and Eddie knowing each other so well
  • Shelly shows up to tell Gina that she talked to Ron again and that he laid into her and blamed her and that maybe he's right. She leaves after Gina comforts her
  • Gina tells Rome she's leaving to speak to her father
  • Playing a game is awkward when Anna is so bad at it and Katheirne and Eddie are the dream team who know everything each other is thinking
  • Katherine notices that Anna keeps drinking a lot of wine and looks concerned
  • Gina talks to Ron and explains things
  • Gary notices that everyone is being too nice to him and treating him differently.
  • Sophie shows up at the apartment becaue she heard about Gary.
  • Anna ppours wine all over Eddie and breaks a glass and everyone rushes to action.
  • Sophie apologizes to MAggie.
  • Katherine expresses her concern about Anna drinking too much around Eddie and he shuts her down
  • Gary gets the news that he's cancer free.
  • Greta calls Katherine out on still taking care of Eddie and not letting him make decisions. She gets it because she's bipolar and her ex did that to her.
  • Ron apologizes to Shelly and says that he believes her.
  • Eddie asks Anna to officiall be his girlfriend.
  • Maggie and Gary say they want to move in together and have a kid.
A Million Little Things
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A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Gary: We were just talking about maybe having a kid in a few years, and now here we are once again holding our breath when we just got back to being us. I just want to be us.
Maggie: We are us.
Gary: I just don't want to be us with cancer.

Gina: You know what I just realized? We have now been to the hospital for everyone in this friend group.
Maggie: Huh. That's true.
Rome: There is a green jello for whoever put it in the order.