Janine and Gregory Bond - Abbott Elementary
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Janine plays hangman with her students and Principal Coleman comes in and begins to call letters for the students.

Janine admits to the camera that she forgot the word she used so she's just killing time til lunch.

Jacob and Janine dance into the break room excited about the Teacher's conference in Allentown.

Barbara and Melissa are more excited about the pool instead of the Keynote speech.

Gregory walks in and is booed by Jacob and Janine.

He says this is the only weekend his girlfriend Amber could get a sitter.

Janine makes fun of his romantic weekend.

Gregory is taking Amber to the Poconos to make up for Valentine's weekend.

She comes in and he lists the strict schedule of events they have for the weekend.

She tells him she wants to relax and do nothing. He doesn't understand what she wants and keeps adding events.

Amber tells him that they need to talk.

At the conference, Janine and Jacob are extra excited. Melissa and Barb tell them to calm down.

Barbara and Melissa tell them they are only there to make sure someone saw them before they leave.

Jacob gets excited about a class for white teachers in black schools (WTBS) but Janine passes.

Barbara and Melissa make grand statements to the room to announce their presence before they depart to the spa.

Melissa runs into her sister and they promptly insult each other.

Janine walks down the hall and compares the conference to a theme park until she overhears Ava teaching a seminar and throwing shade at her.


She finds Gregory at the registration desk and he admits he's been dumped.

She catches him up on the seminars and he seems relieved that there is a lot to do.

Jacob leaves the WTBS seminar with a girl named Summer. She is a teacher at Addington. They connect on common interests and she invites him to their private party.

Jacob declines to go to PecsaGedden with his coworkers.

Janine and Gregory see Ava guarding the VIP area. She refuses Janine but allows Gregory to come in.

He declines and go gets a drink for himself and Janine.

Barbara and Melissa have trouble looking for a seat. They sit with a Vendor for Nichols School Supplies.

Barbara tells the camera that the Nichols Family is the best in the school supply game and getting in with her could change their lives. They begin to charm her until Kristin Marie comes back with a drink for Ms. Nichols.

Melissa gets up and demands they leave the table.

Gregory and Janine talk over drinks. He thinks he is the common denominator in his frequent breakups. He laments that he is always the one who is dumped. Janine assures him it's not him and that he only has to be right about someone once.

He admits that he and Amber were too different. They point out each other's good qualities and toast.

Jacob plays a game called Werewolf with Addington's teachers. He and Summer realize they went to the same school.

Janine and Gregory take pictures and she realizes she missed the exhibit she wanted to see. Gregory suggests they sneak in and see it after hours.

Melissa and Barbara walk around the party and Barbara demands she fixes things with her sister.

Melissa and Kristin Marie rip into each other until someone insults Kristin Marie.

Then they turn on the lady and begin to insult her and then threaten her.

Barbara promptly returns to the conversation with the supply vendor.

Janine and Gregory arrive at the exhibit of a classroom made out of flowers. She believes it embodies her belief in teaching and the ability to nurture. Gregory loves it because it reminds him of how he grew up and where he is now.

They share a sweet moment as they walk around the floral exhibit. They hide when they hear someone coming and as they kneel, he kisses her.

They begin to make out and then immediately feel guilty.

They both protest to the camera that the moment meant nothing.

Jacob plays with the Addington crew and continues to win and impress them. They ask him to come to teach at Addington and tell them they only get the brightest kids in the city.

Melissa and Barbara leave the next morning still intoxicated. Barbara realizes she forgot her shoes and they run back to the room.

Jacob and Janine meet up at checkout and she doesn't tell him about the kiss.

Ava charges her room to the name Ms. Teagues.

Back at school, Kristin Marie stops by to warn Melissa that someone is planning to turn the school into a charter school and put their jobs at risk.

Gregory and Janine share an awkward moment where they write off the kiss.

Ava tells the teachers in the breakroom that she heard someone made out at the conference. Janine and Gregory look uncomfortable but then Ava tries to expose Jacob who reminds her that he is gay.

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Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Clerk: Hope you enjoyed your stay. We itemized your charges over the weekend for your review. Everything look correct for you, Ms. Teagues?
Ava: Gee Golly, it sure does!

Gregory: Why am i always the one who gets dumped? I mean, based on the evidence, it's got to be me right?
Janine: It's not you, it's dating. The only silver lining to dating is that you only have to be right about someone once.