Teacher's Lounge Fire - Abbott Elementary
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Janine and Ava are talking and are greeted by Jacob. Ava says she's already having a bad day.

He offers them carrot cookies and they refuse him.

A fire alarm sounds and the kids line up to exit.

Ava runs out of the school yelling that it is a real fire. The children and teachers evacuate as Ava drives off in a hurry.

The teachers discuss who caused the fire. The fire chief returns to discuss with the principal the source of the fire.

Janine thinks Ava is on the line but it's actually a social media post Ava made about fire safety from her car after she fled the school.

Gregory steps up to act as principal in Ava's absence.

The fire chief reveals a candle and a shawl caused the fire.

Barbara realizes it was her fault and apologizes. The fire chief advises they will have to do fire safety protocol.

Melissa gets distracted by the fire trucks outside. She takes her kids outside and reveals that she knows everything about firefighting because her family has a rich history in fire fighting.

A trauma counselor comes and meets with Gregory. She has to speak to all of the students and teachers ahead of the fire safety meeting.

Jacob offers her a carrot cookie and she declines.

Ms. Janet checks in with Barbara who protests too much.  She gets quite defensive and assumes the counselor is investigating her.

Janine confides in the counselor about her relationship with her sister and her date with Maurice.

Melissa shows her class the fire truck and they get restless.

Ms Janet returns to speak with Gregory and he puts on a special 'Principal" cardigan.

She updates him that Barbara is not handling it well.  He protests. Barbara comes in to reiterate that she is fine.

Gregory follows up with Barbara as the acting interim principal. She reminds him that he is not the principal.

She continues to deny liability for the event but is reminded to be at the mandatory fire safety meeting.

Jacob steps outside and sees that Melissa is still deeply obsessed with the fire truck. Her students lounge around deeply bored.

The fireman asks Jacob to get Melissa away from their truck.

At the fire safety meeting, Gregory confides in Janine that Barbara is having a difficult time. She doesn't believe it but says she will look out.

The fire chief hosts the training and Melissa wants to take over. She tells Jacob that she wanted to be a firefighter but was not allowed to because she was a female.

Fire chief bans open flames at the school and Barbara lashes out. She wants to be able to light candles.

Janine and Gregory try to speak up on her behalf.

Barbara storms out the meeting. Melissa follows her and speak to her privately.

Barbara confides that her husband had a cancer scare and that's why she was so distracted.

His results came back clean, but praying and lighting the candle helped her alleviate her stress.

Jacob throws a frisbee on the ledge and asks the firefighters to get it down. They throw his cookies to knock it down.

He suggests Melissa get it down.

Gregory and Janine check on Barbara and she again says she is all fine.

One of Barbara's students asks her is the fire over. She tells him that its ok to be scared and admits that she gets upset sometimes as well.

Melissa gets the frisbee down and the firemen applaud her and acknowledge her family history.

Barbara approaches the trauma counselor and admits she is struggling. She gives her a mental health day with a work excuse already pre-written with her name on it.

The next day, Janine comes into Barbara's office to find a sub. Ava tells her that Barbara took the day off to be with her husband.

Melissa meets Jacob in the breakroom where he still has his uneaten tray of cookies. She taunts him as he leaves.

When he walks out, she tries one and they are delicious. She tells the camera man to wipe the tape.

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Abbott Elementary Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

The Schemmenti's have a rich history in firefighting. Also fighting fighting


I can tell you I didn't do this, because as someone who wanted to be a firefighter, I hate fires. They sicken me. I want to fight them.