Meridian's Morgue - Absentia
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Emily and Cal come across a morgue full of bodies in the emptied prison. All of the bodies have track marks. The find the Nurse who tells them Nick was moved an hour ago. She also tells them that Jericho is a person, as well as a project. 
Emily calls Jericho and offers Kai’s files for Nick. When they call back with a video of proof of life, both sides realize they no longer have Nick. 
Cal realizes that one of the people in charge of clearing out the prison complex is his old boss from the Middle East, Armstrong, who made him kill the teenager. 
Emily and Cal knock out one of the guards, and Cal takes his uniform. Emily notices that the guard’s tattoo is the same as Cal’s. They escape the complex and steal a vehicle. 
While driving away, Emily spots a text on Cal’s phone. It’s from Gunnarson telling him not to lose Emily. 
Emily accuses Cal of being the traitor and kicks him out of the vehicle, leaving him on the side of the road. 
Nick breaks loose of his restraints on a transport truck and jumps from the moving vehicle. The truck stops, and armed men chase him. 
Nick gets away and stumbles upon a group of children, Syrian refugees whose parents were taken to the prison complex. They bring him to a phone in a remote house. He calls the FBI and gets Agent Thomspon, who is working the night shift, but has to hang up when the owner catches him. The police are called, and they turn Nick back over to his Meridian captors. 
After hearing the transport drivers communication over the radio, Emily intercepts them, shooting out one of their tires. She kills the guards and rescues Nick, who cries when he sees it’s her. 
Crown, Julianne, and Thompson go over the list of agents who could be the mole. Crown tells Thompson to keep hard copies of all the files with her and not put anyone on the FBI servers. 
Director Webb is sent to take over the investigation from Gunnarson.
After getting off the phone with Nick, Thompson is surprised by someone else in the office, but it is someone she knows. 
The next morning, Thompson fails to show up for her meeting with Crowne. He goes to her apartment and finds her dead on the floor, and all of her files are missing. 
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Absentia Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Julianne: The most common motivations for betraying one’s country are greed, ego, and patriotism.
Thompson: Mine would be money.
Derek: Come again?
Thompson: Crushing student loans. Everyone has a breaking point.
Derek: Remind me to keep you on my list.

Emily: I’m going to ask you a question and I need you to tell me the truth. That guard that we took out, the one in the storage room, he had the same tattoo as you. Why is that?
Cal: Yeah, we worked for the same outfit.
Emily: And the guard in the corridor?
Cal: It was Armstrong. He was my superior. The one who ordered me to kill the kid.