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Six months ago, Fitz was awkwardly asking Simmons to dinner. Next thing you know, the monolith has transported her to a desolate alien world. This is the story of how she survived "over there."

It didn't take long for panic to set in when Jemma realized she wasn't in our solar system. The brilliant young scientist kept herself optimistic knowing that Fitz would somehow rescue her. Unfortunately, 71 hours into her ordeal Jemma understood there would be no sunrise, plus she needed food and water.

A massive sandstorm struck and nearly buried her, but after 101 hours Jemma finally found water. Not only did Jemma drink from the watering hole, but she soon found herself floating in it peacefully. Suddenly, an alien "monster plant" wraps itself around her and pulls her under water. Jemma manages to escape, tearing a piece of the thing off and biting into it. 492 hours later, she uses herself as bait killing the creature and roasting it over an open fire. Yes, Fitz would be proud.

Naturally, Jemma continues to document this nightmare on her phone. All the while, Fitz's smiling face not only keeps her company, but gives her hope. “I know you won’t give up. So I won’t, either” she tells his tiny photo.

A month after her arrival, Jemma falls into a trap. She wakes caged like an animal and is confronted not by an alien, but by another human being.

Though their relationship starts off on shaky ground, NASA astronaut Will Daniels and Jemma soon begin to rely on one another for survival. Sure, she attempts to escape and cuts her leg, but Will catches up and saves her life. Apparently, this mysterious planet "smells blood.” Will we ever find out what planet this is?

Will informs Jemma he's been on the planet since 2001, though the mission was supposed to last a year. NASA felt the monolith would allow mankind to explore space affordably. Will volunteered and crossed over with tons over solar powered gear, which was useless due to the fact there's no sun. He warns Jemma that the planet has “moods, not rules.” An evil entity drove the rest of his team mad, and they killed themselves.

As the hours ticked past, the two survivors bonded. Jemma shared a birthday video with Will and pointed Fitz out. "You talk about him a lot. His name is like your favorite word" Will laughed. It was plain to see the two were more than close friends.

Frustrated by the situation and any lack of progress, Jemma wanders near an area Will calls the "no-fly zone." She not only discovers several artifacts and corpses, but a compass as well. Using the stars she would be able to predict the next portal.

Will's NASA equipment was ancient, according to Jemma, but she was able to use her phone's battery to boot up his computer. Watching her birthday video for the last time, Jemma said goodbye to Fitz and got to work.

The next wormhole would be materializing in the "no-fly zone" in 18 days. The location was a 40-hour hike, but Simmons convinced Will they had to try this. A massive canyon separated our survivors from the portal, and though Will attempted to shoot a bottled message though... the portal closed.

Devastated by these turn of events, Jemma finally gives into despair. She and Will share a kiss, as she begins to accept this might be her home now.

While preparing for her first sunrise, 4,720 hours after her arrival, Jemma spots the flare Fitz sent though the portal. She frantically runs toward it, but the planet won't let her go so easily. The sandstorm stirs, and Will sacrifices himself so Jemma can be reunited with Fitz.

In the present, Jemma completes her tale with tears streaming down her cheeks. "I don't know what happened to him; if he's alive or dead. But I never would have survived without him" she tells Fitz.

Rather than being upset, Fitz assures Jemma they are going to get Will back.

As the sun sets on that other world, we see that Will survived the sandstorm.  

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Will: If you're not with NASA, how did you get into the monolith?
Jemma: It's not with NASA anymore. It's with S.H.I.E.L.D. They've had it for quite some time. I'm not sure how or why.
Will: That's real, S.H.I.E.L.D?
Jemma: It was, I was recruited right out of the academy.
Will: I was a test pilot for the Air Force, recruited by NASA. Now here I am.
Jemma: Here we are. At least you volunteered.
Will: Yeah.

This is Doctor Jemma Simmons updating the file on the monolith Fitz and I have been studying. I now know that it is an alternating matter transportation device. A portal. Quite remarkable really, I've been transported to an unknown planet. In a different solar system.