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Daisy stops a robbery in Los Angeles only to be interrupted by a mysterious flaming car. The driver has no mercy on the robbers -- members of the Aryan Brotherhood -- critically injuring one and throwing another into his trunk before speeding away behind a wall of fire. 

Melinda May is training a new crew of agents when Coulson and Mack arrive on the Quinjet at her request. May tells them that one of the survivors of the robbery in Los Angeles claims to have seen Quake -- Daisy in her new guise as a super-powered bank robber -- at the scene. Coulson and Mack have been forbidden from pursuing Daisy, but May urges them to track her down before the authorities do, as they have orders to kill her on site. Daisy visits the surviving robber in the hospital. He dies in front of her, blaming "the Rider." 

Coulson and Mack visit Simmons and Fitz in the lab. Fitz complains that he never gets to see Simmons anymore due to her new role as Special Advisor to the Director in Science and Technology. . 

Ghost Rider, also known as Robbie Reyes, tries to get information out of the robber he threw into his trunk. Mack quizzes Yo-Yo about her upcoming travel plans. Yo-Yo guesses that Mack's mission concerns Daisy and offers to help, but Mack refuses, citing S.H.I.E.L.D. rules again.

Fitz goes over to Dr. Radcliffe's house and is startled by a Life Model Decoy named Aida. Fitz reminds Dr. Radcliffe that he isn't allowed to experiment without permission according to the terms of his pardon. Dr. Radcliffe asks for Fitz's help in making Aida realistic enough to pass the Turing test. 

Yo-Yo finds Daisy in Los Angeles and tells her S.H.I.E.L.D. is coming for her. She gives Daisy medication for her splintering bones and warns her not to use her powers too much or she'll damage her body beyond repair.  Daisy tells Yo-Yo about the mysterious rider.  Later, Daisy comes across a street artist painting a mural of a flaming skull. The artist tells her it is Ghost Rider. 

Mack and Coulson arrive in Los Angeles and find two dead bodies in a truck. Meanwhile, Ghost Rider guns the motor on his car and drives straight at the robber hostage in his garage.

Simmons confronts May about sending Mack and Coulson to secretly investigate Daisy and accuses her of being uncomfortable with Simmons' new leadership role. May thinks the new director broke up their team on purpose. Simmons claims that she has been trying to maintain as much power as possible for the sake of their team and orders May to take her new special strike team to team Coulson out of the field as soon as possible.

Aida tells Fitz that she has been created to serve as a decoy target to  protect agents in the field, so that no more have to die. Fitz tells Dr. Radcliffe that Aida will have to be a secret from Simmons as she'll tell the new director. Meanwhile, there's trouble in the garage where Mack and Coulson are investigating. They call for backup only for May to appear. Her strike team takes out the threat immediately. 

Daisy tracks down Ghost Rider. The two of them fight using their powers as she accuses him of being a serial killer. His head transforms into a flaming skull. Daisy begs him to kill her but he lets her live. The next morning, Daisy watches him help his younger brother Gabe, who is in a wheelchair, get to school.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Fitz [on Aida]: It has bloody microexpressions!
Dr. Radcliffe: She.

The world knows her as Quake. And Quake is an outlaw who takes out banks and bridges.

Melinda May [on Daisy]