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In a flashback, Lucy and Joseph Bauer and Eli Morrow are working together at Momentum Labs. They have created a machine that can create matter from nothing. In the present, Agent May goes to the lab to find that Lucy has been there and ransacked it for supplies she needs to recreate the original experiment.

Gabe calls the garage inquiring about Robbie but is interrupted by a knock at the door from Daisy, who offers to bring Gabe to Robbie on the Quinjet. Director Mace gives Simmons a special assignment with the U.S. government. 

Director Mace announces that he's boarding the Quinjet to take wanted criminals Daisy and Robbie into custody. Mack forces Daisy, Robbie and Gabe into the containment module to hide. Director Mace tells Coulson about the convict Robbie killed during the mission at the prison.

In a flashback to the origins of Ghost Rider, Robbie convinces a pre-accident Gabe to come to a street race with him. On the way to the race, Gabe and Robbie are attacked by gunmen and Gabe is paralyzed. 

Fitz realizes that Momentum couldn't produce enough energy to successfully power Lucy's experiment the first time around and starts looking for places she could have gone that might have enough. He mentions that there was equipment at Momentum Labs originally produced by Isodyne. 

Gabe remembers being pulled from the car wreck by an unseen Good Samaritan. Robbie tells Gabe that when he was thrown from the car he prayed for anything to save Gabe, then hit the street and died. A voice asked him if he wanted a second chance for revenge, and he said yes. Robbie tells Gabe it was the devil who brought him back from the dead so he could avenge the car accident. Gabe doesn't want the blood of those Robbie killed on his hands. 

Director Mace finds Robbie, Daisy and Gabe in the containment module. Robbie transforms into Ghost Rider to break out and fight Director Mace. Ghost Rider keeps punching Director Mace until Gabe begs him to stop.

Fitz connects Isodyne to Peggy Carter and the Zero Matter she was investigating in the 1940's with the S.S.R. Isodyne was bought by Roxxon, and Fitz thinks Lucy went to an old Roxxon power plant to attempt her experiment.

Coulson tells Director Mace they need Robbie to help them take down Lucy before they punish him for what he has done. Eli blames Lucy and Joe for the accident that paralyzed Gabe. In a flashback, Eli confronts Joe about his obsession with the Darkhold, and Joe attacks him. Lucy tells Eli that the Darkhold revealed that they no longer need the machine to generate matter from nothing. Eli demands the book so he can destroy it. 

The S.H.I.E.L.D. team shows up at the Roxxon plant to rescue Eli and stop Lucy. Lucy tells Robbie that Eli is the one who was responsible for the original experiment gone wrong, not her. Robbie melts her. Coulson confronts Eli about his having attacked the Bauers so he could get his hands on the Darkhold. Eli activates the experiment and emerges with the ability to control matter. 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Geese? I have zero geese. We are goose-free.

Coulson [to Director Mace]

So please, help me, help the U.S.A., help us.

Director Mace [to Simmons]