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Amara, Damon, and JR knock on Marcus's door. Amara gets the boys to leave and pleads with Marcus again. He's in bad shape.

Mrs. Sims is concerned about Damon getting a different coach.

Keisha is trying to save Bringston. Simone's mom calls and suggests she play for Golden Angeles.

JR's dad is the new coach and gets off on the wrong foot since he doesn't understand the team dynamics.

Damon hates playing for him and even tells him off.

Keisha adds an act to the fundraising showcase. Cam is cautious about it lasting longer and missing curfew.

Mrs. Sims comes to see Coach Marcus. She initially wants him to come back to coach but grows concerned about his breakdown.

She reassures him there is no shame in taking medication for bipolar and that he helped make Damon a better person.

Amara, Keisha, and Nate give interviews to help save Bringston.

Keisha doesn't react well when Simone reveals she may transfer schools.

Damon confronts JR's dad about giving him away as a baby. JR's dad tells him how he got that scar as a baby and states he was trying to protect his family.

Keisha dances while Cam sings. They're still short a million dollars.

Damon tells Simone about confronting JR's dad. Simone admits she and Jordan broke up.

Mrs. Sims brings Marcus his script. He talks about how he never had kids.

Marcus comes to cheer on the baseball team. After he gives Damon a pep talk, they win.

Thea tore her rotator cuff and can't play tennis. She blames Simone.

Damon learned JR's dad is his biological dad too. He swears he'll never be his real dad,

Bringston is saved.


All American: Homecoming
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All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

JR's dad: Sims, it's clear we'll be depending on your star power tomorrow.
Damon: A game isn't won by a single player. When we win, we'll do it as a team.

Marcus, they're gone. If you're in there, I need you to talk to me.