I'm sorry I hurt you, but I had to protect my family.

JR's dad

My son is a better man because you came into his life. You are a good man and you deserve to get better.

Mrs. Sims

This was going to be an impassioned plea to convince you to come back and coach, but I think ill save that for another time.

Mrs. Sims

JR's dad: Sims, it's clear we'll be depending on your star power tomorrow.
Damon: A game isn't won by a single player. When we win, we'll do it as a team.

Marcus, they're gone. If you're in there, I need you to talk to me.


It'll never change that you're my mom and you always will be.


I'm not a bad man. I'm not.


Veronica: Like it or not, Bringston is going to have to become more inclusive.
Amara: You mean more white?

Simone: Thea, as your friend, I hate her.
Thea: That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me. Thank you.

what's the point of saving Bringston if it's not Bringston anymore?


You were sick. You were literally the chosen son.


Just know it's okay not to be okay and if you find yourself in that place, I'm here.


All American: Homecoming Quotes

JR: That would mean Damon and I are brothers and we're not.
JR's mom: I know this is hard for you both.
JR: No mom, we took a DNA test. We're not brother.

Folks, you are looking at the new face of HBCU baseball. One day, his portrait will hang in these great halls, too.