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Simone earned her tennis uniform and gear.

Damon and JR think the Lions need a new image. They suggested sponsorships, but the coach doesn't like them competing against one another.

Damon called a few anyway, but they aren't interested in helping the school with a cheating scandal.

Damon's mom shows up, and she got some sponsors to show up. She reassures the coach that Damon knew nothing about it, and she cleared it with the president.

Simone wants to throw Thea a birthday party, but everyone tells her to let it go.

Damon's mom got several sponsors to come to a press conference where players could get endorsements. JR tries to talk to Damon's mom about Damon's childhood and that scar.

Damon is convinced his mom has changed, but Simone is suspicious.

The boys run into President Allen, and Damon is blindsided when he learns the sponsorships are just for him.

Thea learns about the surprise party, and Simone asks her to go along with it. Thea is humiliated when no one is there except Simone's friends.

A dormmate, Melinda, keeps filing complaints to RA Keisha. She has resentment that Nate gets special treatment. Simone goes off on her, and Nate reminds Simone to let things be.

Simone learns that Turner and Amara used to date.

The guys present themselves, saying they are about legacy and tradition. Each one speaks. Coach Turner was so proud of them. He lined up some local sponsors. They decide to pool the local sponsor money, so everyone wins.

Damon talks to his mom about needing a separate mother-son relationship.

Simone and Thea make peace, and she brings Thea to family dinner.

JR tells Simone about his theory of him and Damon being brothers. She wonders if her aunt and the coach could be Damon's parents.


All American: Homecoming
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All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Coach Turner: Look, Ms. Sims, whatever this is, I don’t want this turned into a dog and pony show around Damon. Our focus is the team and what’s best for all of them.
Ms. Sims: I agree, which is why President Allen approved my sponsorships. If you have any further issues, I suggest you take it up with him.

Damon: Looks like the sponsors found you, Ms. Fancy. Nice bag.
Simone: I hope so. I had to squeeze a mile under 7 minutes just to get it.