An Unexpected Guest
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Simone thinks she won't be playing any matches alumni weekend. JR texts her for an emergency meeting. Neither one wants to confront their family about Damon's paternity.

Damon walks up and thinks they are hiding something.

Cam jokes baseball isn't a real sport. Some chick named Erica walks by and flirts with Damon. Everyone leaves, and Damon and Simone study together.

Amara and Coach Marus run into an old classmate, Candice, who wants the scoop on them.

Damon and Simone fell asleep on the couch. Jordan arrived surprised and looked upset to have caught them like that.

Coach announces he's playing in the alumni game, and JR will be the temporary coach. JR's dad arrives, bragging about the game.

Simone has to play doubles with Thea, eating into her time with Jordan.

Cam contemplates brain surgery, but Keisha warns him of the side effects.

JR tries to talk to Damon about his pitching ability but he bolts. JR's dad bails on seeing the Braves game.

JR doesn't handle his dad's lies well. Jordan found out Simone had a panic attack and kept it from him.

When one of the alums got hungover, Damon drafted Cam to play for that team. He later told Coach Marcus how much he missed playing on a team.

JR was so mad at his dad that he just cared about striking him out and not the game. Damon gave him a pep talk.

Jordan and Amara laughed at Simone's theory. She and Damon are not related.

Amara wants to know why Marcus broke up with her years ago.

Damon admitted he hated not being able to confide in Simone all weekend. He wants to search for his birth parents.

JR learns his parents are getting a divorce.

All American: Homecoming
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All American: Homecoming Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Young man, you have the potential to bring this team to greatness so we will back you up any way you need.

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for weeks. Bringing up something like that is going ruin it no matter what they say.