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Billy returns as coach of Beverly High. Rochelle introduces Spencer to her father, a major Beverly booster. Spencer and Olivia are worried that Jordan is playing on Billy's guilt. Coop stops a bully with her rap. Spencer gives Corey an ultimatum: he'll come back to South Crenshaw if he sends Darnell back to Nevada. Laura suggests Olivia join the So Cal Muse social group. Spencer is concerned with Layla's live-for-today behavior. Rochelle, then Asher confront Jordan about his partying. Coop decides to enter a freestyle battle. Coop blasts Spencer for making Corey choose between his two sons. Spencer goes to see Corey, who isn't home, but he talks with Darnell, who is packed to move home. Spencer asks Jordan how he adjusted to Spencer coming there. Spencer's ex Kia makes Olivia feel welcome at So Cal Muse. Spencer arrives at Corey's house after Darnell has left for the bus station and apologizes. Spencer finds Darnell at the field and tells him he should stay. Jordan shows up to pass to Asher for extra practice. Layla adds prize money to Coop's rap battle and offers studio time with her father to sweeten the prize. A rapper tears into Coop about her collaborating with the police to stop Tyrone and she freezes. Preach gives Coop a pep talk afterward. Billy shows up at Grace's house to ask Spencer what his plans are. Spencer tells him to stop letting Jordan slide. Spencer tells Corey that he's staying at Beverly, that he wants Corey to be his father and not his coach. Billy blocks a receiver that Rochelle's father was trying to have transfer to Beverly. Billy names Spencer and Asher captains. Coop wants Preach to make music with her. Layla blows up at Spencer when he tries to get her to talk.

All American
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All American Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

It's me or Darnell.

Spencer [to Corey]

I'm sorry but you just got Cooped.