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It's Homecoming at Bringston University, an HBCU in Atlanta. Jordan, Simone, Spencer, and Olivia are visiting the school where Simone's Aunt Amara, a reporter, teaches journalism. They meet their tour guide Keisha. She hits on Spencer after Olivia says they're just friends. Simone gets into it with an athletic man who grabs her phone while she's filming. Spencer determines he's Damon Sims, a top baseball recruit. Damon is visiting his friend JR, who is on the school team. Bringston tennis star Thea Mays summons Simone to warm her up. Simone barely holds her own. Damon gets a mixed reception from the Bringston coaches. Amara asks Simone to carefully consider Bringston. Keisha calls Amara with a fashion-show emergency. Amara drafts Simone and Olivia into the dance routine. Damon apologizes to Simone and tries to hit on her but Jordan shows up. Damon's practice goes viral and his angry mother shows up. She wants him to spin it that he's considering college instead. Amara discovers the baseball coach has players enrolled in a fake class and confronts the school president. The coach resigns. Spencer dances with Olivia to escape Keisha, who was using him to make her ex jealous. Looking for the missing JR, Damon runs into Assistant Coach Turner, who is being dismissed. Turner tipped off Amara. Thea gives Simone a snarky pep talk. Simone is coming around on Bringston. Amara tells her to stand up to her mother about what matters to her. Damon tells Spencer he's going pro for his adopted mother. His birth parents attended Bringston. Spencer urges Damon to do what's right for himself. Simone talks to the tennis coach. Damon commits to the Bringston baseball team as long as Turner is head coach. Simone congratulates Damon. Jordan says Simone seems happy there.

All American
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All American Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Simone: I'm not applying here. I'm just visiting my family.
Olivia: More like hiding from family. Simone's mom is, like, a lot.

Amara: Go have some fun. I'll catch you later.
Simone: Are you sure?
Keisha, Girl, don't ask twice.