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Grandfather Willie is serving as Olivia's bodyguard, driving her to school. Laura's mother Wendy makes a surprise visit. Grace encourages Spencer to make things right with Coop. Wendy, a former defense attorney, is worried about Laura taking on the cops in court. Chris's grandmother died so he won't be playing in the must-win Westlake game. Coop wants to forget about her 18th birthday. Preach and Layla disagree about how to celebrate Coop's birthday. Spencer is pushing the backup quarterback too hard. He's distracted when a recruiter, Coach Green, visits. Jordan talks to G.W. about his feelings for Simone. Preach also pushes Spencer to get back with Coop. A Westlake player hassles Spencer. Coop visits Shawn's grave to talk to him. Layla is afraid of losing Coop. AG Hollins tells Laura that the police union is pressing for charges against Olivia for leaking the bodycam footage. They'll drop the charges if Laura resigns. Olivia overhears this. G.W. is missing before the Westlake game. Olivia wants to turn herself in on those charges instead to save Laura. Wendy calls an old police-union buddy and gets Olivia's charges dropped. Billy supports backup QB Cash over Spencer then Cash fumbles. Spencer gives a halftime speech. Cash runs for the winning touchdown and Spencer blocks hard on the player who injured Jordan. G.W. is still missing. Preach and Layla throw a G.E.D. study break for Coop. G.W. reveals that his late wife Mary asked him to put her in hospice so Billy wouldn't be distracted from football. Laura still resigns from the A.G.'s office. The ex-cops who shot Tamika will be tried. Patience drops in and tells Coop Spencer organized her party. He's hanging out on the perimeter. Coach Green offers Spencer a full scholarship to Toledo State. Preach meets his daughter.

All American
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All American Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Wendy: You two started as best friends. And best friends have the best sex.
Laura: Mom! I've got to get to work.

Who the hell is Gandolf?

Willie [to Billy and Laura]