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Billy is attempting to set up a scrimmage to attract scouts to see his players. Grace blew off her college graduation. Spencer gets Olivia to help set up his mother's surprise graduation party. The cops who shot Tamika get fired. Preach creates Coop T-shirts and wants capital to produce Coop merchandise. Spencer's speech to his team and Olivia's leaking the body-cam footage gets mentioned on TV news. Asher tries to get out of meeting his mother's fiance Jacob. Gwen meets Vanessa. Layla is concerned that Preach has no experience in merchandising. Billy approaches Montes about holding a scrimmage but she declines, concerned about injuries. Spencer attempts to take Olivia's mind off the reactions to her actions. Jordan rallies the team to scrimmage South Crenshaw behind Montes's back. Carter won't let Billy use the field for the scrimmage. Someone smashes a window with a sign supporting "Justice for Tamika" at the cafe where Spencer works. That's where Grace's party is supposed to be held. Asher volunteers Jacob's restaurant. Layla's meeting with Preach doesn't go well. Grace tells Carter that he and Billy need to get past their past for the students' sake. Olivia doesn't complain to Laura about the reactions she's received. Grace is surprised by the party. Vanessa urges Asher to give Jacob a chance. Coop shows up for the party and he and Spencer have a tense conversation. Carter caves and lets Billy use the field. Olivia pushes Asher to go after who he wants. Layla and Coop argue about Preach. Spencer gives a touching speech about Grace. Vanessa encourages Asher to concentrate on football. Coop makes Preach her manager. Layla's old friend from rehab shows up at her house. A cop pulls over Olivia. She calls Laura. The cop just drives by and scowls at her.

All American
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All American Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Oh. You guys are famous.

Dillon [to Spencer and Olivia]

Spencer: Oh, we celebrating.
Dillon: Most definitely.