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Layla works on Coop's song with her new artist and Coop doesn't like it. Olivia is nervous about her internship interview. Spencer is uneasy because Coach Dante left Toledo State. Grace advises him to wait and see what Coach Hudson has planned for him. Asher tries to give Jordan some perspective about his not getting any D-1 offers. Patience defends Layla's actions to Coop. The L.A. Tribune Online editor gives Olivia a tryout assignment. Hudson tells Spencer that the program is building its offense around him. Hudson offers Billy his wide-receiver coach position. Olivia interviews Simone about her college choice of Bringston. Spencer asks Billy for advice about his college choice. Dissatisfied with her SImone interview, Olivia tries Spencer next, but he gets too introspective. Billy informs Laura that he wants to take Hudson's offer. Olivia tells Jordan that he must change people's perceptions. Asher and Coop talk about their dreams having been dashed. Jordan breaks up a fight at the All-American practice with a spirited speech. Billy is waffling on the Toledo State job. Old teammate Cam Watkins informs Spencer that Toledo State is lucky to have him. Billy turns down the job because he thinks Spencer needs to spread his wings without him. In a blowout, Montes puts in Jordan and his new friend Isaiah and they combine for a touchdown. Coop apologizes to Layla. She suggests letting the new artist freestyle. Spencer tells Hudson he's reopening his recruitment and Hudson accuses him of getting paid off. Spencer learns that Billy had turned down a job at Toledo State. Spencer thanks Billy for everyone he had done for him. Olivia filed a serious feature on black excellence but hasn't heard back. Then the editor calls to offer her an internship. Hudson won't let Spencer out of his letter of intent. 

All American
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All American Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Her career is on the line and you can't expect Layla to just give up.

Patience [to Coop]

Good luck with your replacement Coop.

Coop [to Layla]