Olivia Struggles - All American
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Olivia is bothered by the rift between Spencer and her father. Spencer says he'll talk to Billy. Jordan admits it's his fault that Spencer is in trouble with Billy for training him. Olivia addresses Spencer with Billy. The Bakers throw a surprise breakfast for Layla's 18th birthday. Patience feels like Coop is shutting her out. Layla gets another birthday surprise at school. Layla requests that her birthday celebration gets toned down but her friends disagree over what that means. Coach Montes recommends a cardiologist to Asher. J.P. screws up and gives Layla a tiara. Patience's father is concerned about Coop's decisions. Billy blows off Spencer when he stops by the Baker house to pick up Olivia. Gwen argues with Montes about Asher's appointment. Jordan realizes that Billy has lower expectations for him than Spencer. Coop is strugglng at the studio. Jordan confronts his father about Billy respecting Spencer more than him. Patience confronts Coop for not including her in Coop's decisions. Coop admits the doctor told her that she may never fully recover from being shot and she can't rap. Olivia forces Billy and Spencer to talk. Spencer asks Billy why Jordan didn't come to him. The boys lined up a student to dance for Layla, who's just tolerating her party.  Patience informs Spencer that Coop is still having medical issues that keep her from music. Laura tells Billy she agrees with Jordan's assessment. She reminds him that he went back on the field too soon as well. Spencer checks in on Layla. Asher finds out that his heart problem was caused by taking steroids. Layla tells Olivia that she's got to be brutally honest about how she feels. Coop tells Patience her dream is dead. J.P. and Layla go shooting. Jordan and Billy make up. 

All American
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All American Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Don't forget to glue the asterisk to that second ring.

Spencer [to Jordan]

Olivia: How's that?
Spencer: You'll need a bigger pillow.