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Billy accepts the GAU head-coaching job. The NCAA is investigating Bountygate, so Barnes cautions him about hiring any members of the existing staff, including Coach Kenny. Coop gives Spencer advice about how to handle Alicia while she's ducking Skye's texts. Olivia invites Noah to dinner. Layla has to deal with Patience's skittishness about social media. Jordan and Spencer compare notes about their NCAA interviews. They come up with the brilliant idea of guilting Isaiah into clearing Kenny. Miko, a Patience superfan, won a lunch with her. Jordan tells Spencer he's staying at GAU but Spencer is suspicious about why. Garrett determines that Billy is the new coach. The lights go out on Olivia and Noah's and Spencer and Alicia's dates. Spencer admits to Alicia that he's not yet ready to get serious again. Noah realizes Olivia is feeling the same way. Skye offers to help Patience with her social media, to Coop's unspoken discomfort. Spencer asks Layla about why Jordan is acting strange lately. Then she starts acting weird as well. Spencer follows her in to the Baker house and walks in on Olivia and Noah's date. Liv denies Noah a goodnight kiss. Isaiah told the truth and got kicked off the team for it. Yet he feels better for telling the truth. Spencer informs Alicia he's ready to go to the next level and they kiss. Skye and Patience hit it off and Patience hires Skye as her social media manager. Spencer figures out that Jordan is staying because of Layla. Once he learned about Billy's job offer, Garrett threw Barnes under the bus in an effort to ruin the program. Laura advices Olivia to go fight for Spencer. Jordan tells Billy to inform Spencer about the job. Barnes let slip that Billy got the job to Spencer. 

All American
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All American Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Spencer is like a brother to me. How did I get here where I'm keeping the best parts of my life from him?

Jordan [to Layla]

Olivia: I guess you could say we have textual chemistry.
Layla: Wow. That's corny.