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Spencer decides to bring Alicia to Billy's  birthday party. Jordan is back from his tour of Willmont but downplays his excitement in front of Spencer. Billy is torn up over the GAU head-coaching offer. Laura tells him to reveal the offer to Spencer and Jordan. Jordan and Layla are still keeping their relationship on the down low. Spencer tells Grace that Coach Kenny is going to get the head-coaching position. Jayme gives Asher advice about how to handle J.J. Jordan enthuses about transferring to Billy so Billy doesn't tell him about the offer. Noah offers to be Olivia's faux date for Billy's party. While visiting Atlanta, Layla told Simone about her and Jordan, which upsets him because he had been waiting for the right moment. Billy's party is a surprise roast. Grace thanks Billy for promoting Coach Kenny, Spencer's first choice. Jordan meets Alicia. Jaymee's lupus is flaring up at the party. Skye is pushing Coop to move out of the Baker house. Alicia notices that Spencer reacts when Olivia arrives with Noah. Grace suggests that Spencer try to be best friends with Olivia again. During his speech about Billy, Spencer accidentally admits that his relationship with Olivia was the most important one in his life, a statement not lost on Alicia or Olivia. Laura is the last roaster and lists everything she hates about him. Then Billy turns the tables on everybody. Olivia and Spencer agree to find their new version of friendship. Grace corners Billy because she can tell something is off with him. She confronts him about the GAU job and blasts him for even considering leaving Crenshaw behind. Skye wants Coop to move away from Patience. Layla and Jordan make up. Shea says Simone ended their friendship. Jordan supports Billy taking the job and agrees to stay. 

All American
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All American Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

I am the god of humor.

Jordan [to Olivia]

I have never been so happy to be proven wrong. Principal really suits you.

Grace [to Billy]