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Greenlee bristles when a twist of fate forces Kendall to decide to bring Spike along on the Fusion trip to New York City.

Greenlee denies Kendall's accusation that she's upset by Spike's presence, but suggests they just cancel the whole presentation. It's a bold idea. Ava finally arrives but Kendall, Greenlee and Babe are shocked to see that she dyed her hair brown. A self-destructive Ava has no one but herself to blame when Kendall fires her.

Kendall and Babe, with Spike in tow, head out for their presentation in New York City with Greenlee following behind in her own car. JR's wheels start to spin when he learns Josh is planning on dismantling Chandler Enterprises. Tad supports JR's decision to strike out on his own. JR doesn't want to repeat the same mistakes Adam made and is determined to make things right with his father. An emotional Colby confronts Adam about framing Sean as she packs her things and prepares to move in with Krystal.

Krystal twists the knife in Adam when she informs him that they will all be living with Tad. Jonathan takes notice of the fact that Ava dyed her hair to make herself look nothing like Lily. Jonathan tries to convince a defiant Ava he cares about her for who she is, but she isn't having it.

All My Children
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