August 17, 2007 Photograph
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Annie gives Ryan his first lesson in ASL. Meanwhile, Dr. Hilliard informs an intrigued Kendall that he believes he may be able to cure her young son's deafness.

Recap, Part One

Di (Kelli Giddish) explains to Aidan how she's decided to move to New York City to rep Fusion Green in the Big Apple. A fuming Erica takes Jesse to task for airing video of her private conversation with Jackson.

Realizing how little he actually knows about his new wife, Ryan assures an uneasy Annie she can confide in him about any part of her past.

Certain Dr. Hilliard is her boy's best hope, Kendall grows irate when Zach cautions her against moving Spike out of the hospital too soon.

Recap, Part Two

Jesse suggests to Erica that season two of her reality show feature a daily sparring match between her and her latest ex-husband.

Across town, a frustrated Jackson rails at Greenlee for all the havoc she's wreaked since returning to Pine Valley.

Annie tells Ryan how her dad took up painting after the accident which cost him his hearing also ended his career as a music teacher. Aidan and Di agree to part as friends.


Stung when her father advises her to make a fresh start in another town, Greenlee bitterly accuses Jackson of being against her all along. In the NICU, baby Ian suffers another major setback.

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