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PART ONE: Jackson delivers the final divorce decree to Erica (Susan Lucci). Zach explains to a grateful Kendall how he arranged to have Spike transferred out of the pediatric ICU and into a room adjoining his mom's. Annie returns to the hospital and immediately faces questions from her irritated husband about her disappearing act the day before.

PART TWO: Badly hung over from her night at The Comeback, Greenlee thanks Josh for sticking up for her with Jonathan. Erica asks Jack if there's some way they can remain friends and stay connected. Annie admits to Ryan that her "research" trip didn't pan out the way she had hoped it would. Jackson consoles a tearful Erica as she bemoans her inability to help her daughter through the current crisis.

PART THREE: A concerned Zach takes note of Kendall's reluctance to leave Spike's side, even to spend a little time with baby Ian in the NICU. Annie finally explains to Ryan how she became estranged from her father. Greenlee hits upon a possible way to help the child she harmed. Ryan asks Annie to teach him some sign language. Erica and Jack make love.

Later, stunned to see one of their private conversations broadcast over the air, Jackson bitterly accuses Erica of sandbagging him. Until next time....

All My Children
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