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PART ONE: Kendall becomes upset when Ryan tries to teach Spike some rudimentary signs. Meanwhile, as he maintains his vigil beside Ian's bassinet in the neonatal ICU, Zach shows Lily how his tiny son is fed through a syringe.

PART TWO: Though Ryan reminds her that a cochlear implant is the only real option for Spike, Kendall angrily insists that Dr. Hilliard's methods make more sense for their little boy. Greenlee bumps into Annie and Emma during a late night work session at Fusion. Babe admits to her mother how much she's going to miss Jamie. JR returns to The Comeback with little Adam following their day-long excursion on the yacht.

PART THREE: Kendall grows even more irate after Ryan suggests she let him take Spike home to Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) so she can concentrate on Ian for a while.

Greenlee is surprised by Annie's show of understanding. After hearing Ryan's explanation, Zach tells a fuming Kendall he believes Spike should indeed spend some time with his dad. Krystal lends Jackson a sympathetic ear as he bemoans his rocky relationship with his troublesome daughter.

Greenlee decides to drive Emma and her mother home after Annie suffers an asthma attack

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