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Zach takes out his anger and frustration on Greenlee and she realizes that it's because today is Spike's surgery. Kendall is visited by Jason, a young deaf boy with implants that she met on Erica's show.

Aidan finds a sleeping bag in the woods.

At the hospital, Ryan (Cameron Mathison) notices that Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) seems distant and stressed. He promises her that she'll be okay soon enough - when Richie dies.

Ryan admits to Kendall that he let Greenlee escape. 

Greenlee (Sabine Singh) tries to talk to Zach about the night of the accident but he tries to stop her from talking. Babe is upset when she finds out that Annie and Ryan committed Richie to the psych ward.

Ryan asks Kendall what she would have done if Greenlee was still in custody. She says all she wants is to have Greenlee back. She runs into Hannah, who tells her that Zach is missing and it's all Kendall's fault.

Aidan finds a man wandering on his property.

Annie tries to convince Babe (Amanda Baker) that Richie (Billy Miller) is in fact rather dangerous and tells her that he wanted her to kill him. Aidan asks the man in the woods to help him on his search.

Hannah exchanges nasty words with Kendall at the hospital before heading out. Janet tells Richie that she's going to help him escape. Babe refuses to believe the things that Annie tells her about Richie.

Joe tells Kendall that he has high hopes that Spike will hear again. As Aidan prepares to head back out on his search, the man introduces himself as Quentin. Zach tries, once again, to climb out of the shelter.

All My Children
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