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PART ONE: Kendall (Alicia Minshew) tries to accentuate the positive by focusing on Spike's successful surgery and ongoing recuperation. Adam is intrigued to realize he's got proof that little Kathy is actually the daughter Tad and Dixie lost years ago. At the jail, Tad tells JR why he's going to sue for full custody of Jenny. Meanwhile, Krystal complains to Babe about the impending custody battle. Down in the bomb shelter, Greenlee and Zach discover that their supply of food and potable water has run out. Aidan (Aiden Turner) drops by the hospital to check on Spike and tells a surprised Kendall she doesn't have to confess to framing Greenlee after all.

PART TWO: Babe (Amanda Baker) suggests to her bristling mother that she's venting her rage on the wrong person. Amanda informs Adam that her price for the video disc which will clear his son's name just went up to five million dollars - plus the title to JR's yacht. Kendall suspects that Aidan has given up hope of ever finding Zach or Greenlee (Sabine Singh). Adam finally agrees to Amanda's terms. Babe reminds Krystal  (Bobbie Eakes) why Jenny's father shouldn't have to share her with Adam. Greenlee's day gets worse when a snake slithers into the shelter and sinks its fangs into her. JR informs Adam there'll be no bonding between them.

All My Children
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