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Aidan is convinced that Zach and Greenlee are dead but Kendall refuses to give up hope. Greenlee fears that it really is the end for them since Zach is being nice to her.

JR calls Babe as he starts to remember events surrounding Zach's disappearance.

Amanda celebrates the $5M she blackmailed Adam into giving her aboard her new yacht while drinking champagne. Tad hints to Krystal that Adam tried to strike a deal with him regarding Jenny.

Aidan tells Kendall that looking in the woods for people who are dead is senseless. She then breaks down, screaming at him to find her husband because her family has been through enough pain. As death seems to draw closer, Greenlee becomes more frightened, saying she doesn't know how to die.

Tad tells Julia that he still plans on suing Krystal for full custody. JR tells Babe that he may have to pay for all the dirty, rotten, nasty things he's ever done. Adam tells Krystal that he knows where Tad's daughter Kate is. Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) tells Ryan that she had a vision of killing her own brother.

Stuart dresses up as Santa and reads "The Night Before Christmas" to the children at the party. Ryan (Cameron Mathison) gets a call that Richie has escaped.

  • Richie finds Babe (Amanda Baker) and tells her that he needs her help.
  • Kendall and Aidan, in their grief, go crazy and sleep with each other.
All My Children
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