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Jonathan and Ryan (Cameron Mathison) disguise themselves as FBI agents to uncover some info about Richie. Kendall refuses to leave Aidan's cabin until they find Zach and Greenlee together.

Adam rushes Krystal to the hospital after she hurts her hand and holds Jenny while she receives her medical attention. While looking for food, Greenlee finds love letters from people who were once in the shelter.

Aidan agrees to let Kendall work with him so that they can find their loved ones. Tad tells Julia that if Krystal won't stop seeing Adam, he'll make her stop. Jonathan and Ryan make a quick exit from Richie's insurance agent's office after taking a few documents.

Richie is upset when he sees that his father seems to be getting close to Annie and Emma. Tad catches Adam holding Jenny when the two run into each other at the hospital.

Ryan figures out that Richie tried to get Annie to poison and says he now knows what Richie is after. Krystal steps in to tell Tad that she loves Adam and can't promise to keep him away from Jenny.

Zach finds something while digging out of the shelter. Tad runs out with Jenny as Krystal tries to figure out where he's taking her. Adam can't figure out how an adoption certificate ended up in his couch cushions.

Ryan goes to Richie's room to tell him that he knows that he came to Pine Valley so he and Annie would kill him. Zach pulls human remains out of the walls of the shelter and Greenlee (Sabine Singh) freaks out.

All My Children
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