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Part 1: Ryan and Annie maintain a steady presence beside Spike's crib in the pediatric ICU. Meanwhile, Zach keeps his own vigil next to his son's NICU bassinet. Derek comes to Greenlee's hospital room to question her about the accident. Annie urges her anguished husband not to blame himself for trying to see only the good in a woman he used to love. Feeling helpless, Babe wishes she could do something to aid a friend in need. Zach flies in his wife's favorite chef from New York City to prepare a special meal.

Part 2: Erica arrives and apologizes for upsetting Kendall earlier, then admits to Zach that she was wrong to try to prevent him from marrying her daughter in the first place. Babe offers to pay Ava's medical bills and give her another shot at modeling for Fusion. Ryan sadly reminds Annie how he caused Spike's suffering by allowing Greenlee back into their lives.

Part 3: As Jackson looks on, Greenlee tells Derek she simply lost her way while following Babe and Kendall back to Pine Valley. Erica bursts in and demands that Greenlee be arrested for kidnaping Spike but Jack jumps in to defend his tearful daughter. Later, outraged to find Greenlee leaning over Spike's crib, Ryan orders her to stay away from his entire family.

All My Children
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