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Part 1: Not hearing any crying, Kendall fears for her baby's life but Zach and Ryan both claim the pain medication is keeping him quiet. Dr. Delano reports that there is a hole in the baby's heart which Joe explains is pretty typical for a premature baby. The doctors explain how they'll use a "scope" to close the hole and warn of the danger involved.

Part 2: Zach insists on staying until he's wheeled in for the procedure and, after listening to words of encouragement from Myrtle's voicemail, Zach lets his emotions show. Finding Greenlee (Sabine Singh) on crutches and determined to leave the hospital, Josh admonishes her and then offers her a ride home. There, Josh agrees when she asks him to let her know how Spike is doing. Out in the hallway, Erica lays into Jack for what Greenlee has done to her daughter. Joe offers kind words of support as Erica tries to comfort her daughter by showing her some recent photos and talking about how proud of her Mona would be.

Part 3: Worried about their campaign not even getting off the ground, Ava suggests to Amanda, Di and Babe that they use computer "spam" to get the word out. As Amanda complains, Babe gets another idea and asks Ava to do a webcast to kick off their "Fusion Green" campaign. Ava claims that she can t be the person they want her to be but Babe convinces her otherwise. Afterwards, everyone is thrilled as the phones starts ringing and online sales take off.

All My Children
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