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PART ONE: As All My Children kicks off another week, Richie tightens his grip on the pilot's throat, Ryan and Annie are stunned to learn from the doctor that the leukemia test came back positive. In front of Derek and the others, Kendall loudly accuses a shocked Greenlee of stealing Spike yet again. Jackson and Erica (Susan Lucci) fall into bed together and make passionate love. As the pilot passes out, Ryan (Cameron Mathison) realizes that his terminally ill brother-in-law has nothing to lose if the plane crashes and kills everyone on board. "Stuart" returns to The Comeback and finds Krystal closely watching Tad and Hannah flirting with one another. Arrested on assault and kidnapping charges, Greenlee realizes too late she's been set up by her former best friend.

PART TWO: Dropping the pretense of posing as his twin brother, Adam (David Canary) urges Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) to admit she still loves him. Jackson (Walt Willey) rushes to the precinct house after Aidan breaks some bad news. Ryan and Annie manage to subdue Richie again, then turn their attention to the problem of how to safely land the plane. Hannah reminds Tad that he needs to enjoy himself apart from his role as doting father to baby Jenny. Aidan bitterly accuses Zach of conspiring with his wife to frame an innocent woman. Krystal tells Adam she does care but could never choose a life with him over a life with her child. Ryan radios a "Mayday" call to the nearest air traffic control tower. Upon hearing his daughter's story, Jackson suspects that Erica knew all along about Kendall's vicious scheme. After Ryan gets the plane safely back on the ground, Richie threatens to sue everyone involved in his abduction if they dare to press charges.

Tad is upset to spot Adam and Krystal holding each other

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