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On yesterday's All My Children, Tad gets very upset at the sight of Krystal (Bobbie Eakes) and Adam kissing. Erica (Susan Lucci) works overtime to bury Greenlee but Jack overhears the interview she gives.

Aidan asks Jack to stall the investigation so he can build up evidence against Kendall. Kendall expresses remorse after realizing that Greenlee wasn't after Spike. Ryan pays Greenlee a visit in jail.

Zach lays out the plan to get rid of Greenlee to Kendall, including JR's involvement in the plot. Jack feels Greenlee will be sitting in jail for quite some time.

Greenlee tries to explain herself to Ryan (Cameron Mathison), but he does not believe her. Jack tells Aidan that he was offered a deal by the D.A. involving 3-6 years for his daughter. If she's convicted, she'll face 10.

Aidan (Aiden Turner) is going to need proof that Kendall was responsible for what has happened to Greenlee. Jack worries that he won't be able to plead her case in court since she has taken Spike once before.

Zach tells Kendall (Alicia Minshew) that Greenlee turned down the embryos but she doesn't believe it. Greenlee tells Ryan the entire plan Zach laid out but says she just wants her life and future with Aidan.

Richie and Annie have it out and she says that she won't let him destroy her family. Zach tries to tell Kendall not to feel bad about what she did since Greenlee did come after Spike once before.

Aidan visits Greenlee (Sabine Singh) who is miserable in jail, thinking about how much everyone hates her and wants to see her go down. He wants her to plead guilty.

Zach tells Kendall they need to stick together and come up with a story to protect each other. Ryan comes home and overhears them talking...

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