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All My Children, Part One: Jackson (Walt Willey) learns that his daughter has decided to plead guilty and accept a prison sentence. Meanwhile, Aidan tells Tad he's breaking Greenlee out of jail. Ryan confronts the Slaters and demands the truth about Spike's alleged kidnapping. Opal coaxes Erica to unburden herself but soon realizes her best gal pal knows far more than she's saying. Greenlee fills her dad in on Zach's scheme to trick her into surrendering her Fusion shares.

All My Children, Part Two: Angry, Ryan (Cameron Mathison) reminds Kendall how Spike will grow up without his mom if the truth comes out and she winds up behind bars. Aidan asks Tad to lend him a hand in preventing an innocent woman from being punished unfairly. Feeling no remorse for going after Greenlee, Zach advises Ryan to back off. Opal warns Erica she's headed for marital trouble if she continues to push Jackson to the brink.

All My Children, Part Three: Aidan (Aiden Turner) assures Greenlee (Sabine Singh) that her escape is all arranged. Jackson prods Kendall to do the right thing before a great injustice occurs. Erica is thrilled to hold baby Ian for the first time. Later, however, Erica's day takes a turn for the worse when Joe berates her for plotting with Adam (David Canary) to have Greenlee committed.

All My Children
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