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PART ONE: Aidan demands answers after catching Kendall in Greenlee's apartment. Meanwhile, Zach bumps into Greenlee as she arrives at the hospital for an appointment with her OB/GYN. Trying to control her rising fear in front of Emma and Spike, Annie pushes the alarm button on the stalled elevator. Richie meets Lily at the yacht club and is intrigued by her penchant to say whatever's on her mind. Aidan accuses Kendall of playing mind games with a vulnerable Greenlee. Ryan (Cameron Mathison) frees Annie and the children from the elevator, then rushes them to the ER after learning how Emma ate a brownie provided by her Uncle Richie.

PART TWO: Riled up following her encounter with Zach, Greenlee is grateful for an offer of assistance from Julia. In the NICU, Josh (Colin Egglesfield) admits to Zach that he no longer has the stomach to participate in his brother-in-law's cruel scheme to con Greenlee (Sabine Singh). Worried that Richie may have poisoned Emma, Annie asks Joe to pump her daughter's stomach. After examining the girl, however, Joe assures her parents that Emma simply has an ordinary stomachache. Richie points out to Lily how much they have in common because they're both so different from other people. Kendall (Alicia Minshew) tells a skeptical Aidan she's determined to find a way to co-exist with Greenlee. Zach suggests to Josh that until he's married he can't possibly understand how far a man will go to protect his wife and kids.

All My Children
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