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All My Children
Episode Recap, 4/25

Today on All My Children ...

Erica is delighted when her fans mob the gates of the prison, loudly demanding she be set free. As they watch the old house burn, Kendall and Zach hope they've finally put all regrets and mistakes to rest.

At the cemetery, "Jesse's" coffin proves to hold nothing but a stuffed elephant which all the Hubbards recognize as Frankie's old toy. Adam assures a skeptical JR that his panic attacks are a temporary aberration which will soon be a thing of the past.

Though her fellow inmates enjoy the commotion stirred up by Erica's fervent admirers, the prison warden is not amused by Ms. Kane or her supporters. JR suggests to his father that his constant quest to maintain control over everything around him isn't helping his health.

Sitting beside Dixie's grave, Tad tells his late lady love how much he misses her and reiterates his promise that he won't rest until he's found Kate. Robert surreptitiously plants a listening device in Tad's house, then eavesdrops as Angie confesses to her husband and the others how she replaced Frankie's toy elephant with a replica and then gave the original to Cassandra years ago.

The warden warns Erica that her efforts to reform the prison have instead engendered much resentment from the other women. Zach and Kendall return home and make love. A befuddled Adam experiences an unearthly phenomenon in his own living room.

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All My Children
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