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All My Children
Episode Guide, 4.24.08

Today on All My Children ...

Jackson and Samuel arrive at the prison to meet with Erica and Carmen. As Emma and Kathy enjoy a play date, Annie explains to Julia that Ryan has moved back in. Across town, Ryan tells his therapist how much fun he had with Greenlee that day.

Kendall demands that Zach talk to her about the latest obstacle to their happiness. Erica describes for her visitors her plans to institute wide-sweeping changes in the lives of her fellow inmates, then asks Jack to represent Carmen in a new bid for freedom.

Tad joins Jesse and his family at the cemetery as the police begin exhuming the grave. Meanwhile, Robert eagerly anticipates coming into possession of another enormous gem. Pressed by his wife to express his feelings, Zach admits through clenched teeth how he can't shake the image of Aidan putting his hands all over her.

Angie confides to Tad her fear that opening "Jesse's" coffin will bring more trouble down upon them. Ryan's therapist points out to her exasperated client how he only seems truly comfortable with Greenlee ever since he lost his memory. Kendall returns to the scene of her crime armed with a container of gasoline.

Erica beams when Jackson readily agrees to take Carmen's case. Later, Samuel cautions Erica that Warden Hitchcock will fight her tooth and nail on the proposed changes to the prison. Recalling how many crises they weathered together, Annie hits upon a way to win Ryan back by pretending to be in jeopardy. Zach tracks Kendall down and helps her torch the old house.

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