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All My Children
August 11, 2008

Today on All My Children, Jesse catches Tad breaking into Annie's car but decides to look the other way and let his friend search for evidence.

In Las Vegas, Ryan assures his pleased wife that he truly wants to renew their wedding vows. Meanwhile, in the chapel, Aidan is caught off guard when Greenlee asks him to marry her right then and there.

Zach advises Kendall to maintain a policy of watchful waiting where Annie is concerned. Dre and Cass meet at the Yacht Club despite their parents' warning to keep away from one another.

Amanda offers Randi a job at Fusion. Carmen glumly tells Babe how Adam fired her. Dre thanks Cass for her unswerving loyalty.

Tad reports to Jesse on some suspicious dents in the hood of Annie's vehicle and the fact that a lug wrench is missing from the trunk.

Aidan and Greenlee happily agree to tie the knot. Babe cheers Carmen up by hiring her on the spot. Pete blurts out his love for Colby, then hastily backpedals and pretends he was merely joking when she reacts badly.

Foster and Babs return to the Cherub Chapel in time to act as witnesses for their new pals.

Amanda introduces Babe to their most recent employee, only to learn that Randi has already been supplanted by another new hire.

After exchanging vows, Aidan and Greenlee become husband and wife just as Ryan and Annie walk in. Randi and Carmen are startled to come face to face.

Later, Carmen tells a baffled Babe she doesn't want the job after all. Tad and Jesse feel certain Dre didn't kill Richie.

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All My Children
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